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Efficient and User-Centric

The GRAITEC PowerPack provides a broad suite of unique commands and functionality to significantly increase productivity when working with Autodesk® Revit®.

These practical, every-day utilities focus on speeding up modeling, simplifying family management, documentation and enhanced external data-links for a dramatically improved BIM workflow.

Flexible and multidisciplinary, GRAITEC PowerPack creates a significant added value for all experts involved in BIM Project (BIM Manager, BIM Modeller, BIM Coordinator, Architect, Structural engineer, Designer, or MEP engineer).

Productivity and BIM

PowerPack for Revit introduces tools for automating tasks such as numbering any Revit objects, upgrade Revit files, automatically join connections on all intersections within a model, create dimension lines, or Export Revit views in several formats (PDF, NWC, IFC, DWG…). In addition, PowerPack for Revit proposes some features to enable external data-links such as a bidirectional link to Excel.

Besides a range of multidisciplinary tools, PowerPack for Revit offering a large set of commands for Rebar detailing to accelerate rebars drawing creation. Some other unique features will enable you to directly design structural components (walls, beams, columns, footing, or slabs) thanks to external FEM results load in Revit.

GRAITEC Advantage: Key to Success

With all our software solutions we offer a Graitec Advantage Maintenance Contract. This maintenance contract is the solution to perpetuate your investment with the following benefits:

All product updates and upgrades are available during the term of the agreement. These updates can be minor or major versions.

By phone, e-mail, or remote access our dedicated team will assist you for all your questions around our solutions simplifying your daily tasks.

Access to a dedicated customer portal with a personal user account. Tutorials, documentations, downloads are available in this area.

Quick Dimension

Converts an intersecting line to a dimension string.

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Join Dimensions

Joins individual dimensions to a single chain.

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Level Dimensions

Places elevation symbols.

Add / Edit Floor Structure Tag

Adds a tag with room floor type and material finish.

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Window Sill Tag

Adds a tag displaying the sill height and opening size.

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Text Case

Instantly change the case type of all or selected text.

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Edit Mark

Modify the mark parameter for selected elements using formulas to add prefixes or change numbering sequence.

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Dimension Preferences Configuration

Set the number, style and distance between dimensioning lines.


Auto Dimension

Creates a set of dimension lines for walls and grids.

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Number Everything

Generic numbering tool covers grids, levels, rooms, structural elements, ducts, doors, elements creation direction from source to end.

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Center of Gravity

Calculates the Center of Gravity of selected objects.

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Pipe Description Tag

Adds a description tag to a selected pipe.

Level Displacement

Creates an exploded or displaced model view.

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Auto-Arrange Views in Sheets

Auto-arrange views on sheets.

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Duplicate Sheets

Duplicate a view with the exact same legends and schedules as the original one.

Create Plan Views

Create floors, ceilings and structural plans, with view templates.

Create 3D Views

Create 3D views of selected objects.

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Export Sheets to DWG

Batch export Sheets to DWG format.

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Design and create dynamic custom legends to fit standard paper size.

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Auto Section Box

Automatically generates a new 3D view of selected elements.

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Precast Tools

Used to compute volumes and decide which element is included in the schedules and which is not.

Impact Views Management

Quickly create formwork drawings at all the levels, personalizing the drawing styles and view parameters such as view range, visual style.

View Sheet Generator

Automatically creates views and associated templates.

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Windows Arrange

Simplified arranging of active windows with auto-tile and center-view options.

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Automatic engineering drawings

Automatically generate engineering drawings starting from configurable templates.

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Automatic bar schedules

Automatically calculate and display rebar quantities in a bar schedule.

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Family Manager

Graphically browse, search and load your families in a single window + Launch Family Editor.

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Remove Backup Files

Automatically searches for backup file and deletes them.

Watermark Manager

Add password protected ownership credentials to your Revit® Families.

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Link / Prepare background modelr

Before linking a Revit® project, easily purge it and automatically transfer projects standards and levels coming from this link to Revit® project host.

File Updater

Batch update all your project files to a later version.

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Family Exporter

Batch exports selected Families to any folder.

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Work Tracker

Records the time spent by a user on a project or file from Autodesk Revit® and creates activity charts, which can later be used to create activity reports.

Batch Export

Quickly export your Revit® views to any available format (PDF, IFC, NWC, DXF), all at once.

Pipe Openings in Structural elements

Automatically create holes in intersecting elements to accommodate pipe/duct runs.

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Door Side

Add door swing parameters to all doors for more accurate scheduling.

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Move XY

Allows elements to be moved in X & Y direction together.

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3D Grids

Creates a Revit® symbol from existing grids, making them visible in 3D Views.

To Model Line

Automatically draws model lines over selected elements.

Category Visibility

Tick-box window to view/hide single elements or entire categories in model view.

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Add Parameters

Automatically add a wide range of useful parameters, such as dimensions.


Convert 3D CAD files to Revit® Families with update feature

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Ribbon Customization

Manage and organize your PowerPack tools Ribbon.

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Join & Unjoin Geometry

Automatically generate clean intersections, by creating rules between categories (floor, wall, foundations).

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Join Openings

Allows multiple openings to be combined in the same host element.

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Pipe Insulation

Automatically assigns insulation to the systems based on parameters or assigns a specific value.

Split Pipes

Batch process all pipes and ducts to specified lengths.

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Cable Length

Calculates the total length of the automatic or manual cable paths.

Detect and Correct Analytical Errors

Check errors in the analytic model, and correct them using ergonomic features as trim, extend, stretch.

Reset Analytical Models

Reset manual adjustments for all analytical elements.

Toggle structural elements
Analytical Floors

Used to activate or deactivate the analytical model, for a faster inspection of the model.

Split Rebar

Split rebar by certain rules (maximum length, exact number of splits) and use different methods of connections (lapping, cranking rebars or using mechanical couplers).

Opening reinforcement

Easily create reinforcement cages around multiple openings at once.

Edge Reinforcement

Easily create reinforcement cages along multiple edges at once.

Rebar visibility

Change the representation of the rebars from line to solid.

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Schedule Schema

Automatically create rebar definition images for schedules.

Bending Details

Create bending details from selected rebars, improving detailing functionalities.

Tick and Tag

Places a symbol at the end of the rebar in order to highlight lap splices.

Rebar Cage / Edit

Edit the calculated rebar cage or model from scratch a parametric rebar cage.

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Cranked Bar

In order to address rebar collisions, parametrically crank the rebars at the endings.

Generate Drawings

Automatically generate full reinforcement views, schedules and sheets.

Copy and Delete Rebar

Easily copy rebar structure from one element to another of similar shape or size, or delete the rebar from the selected elements.

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Bars Layers Management

Use layer parameters in order to simplify rebar visibility on drawings and schedule creation.

Rebar numbering

Assign Rebar Mark number and Manage Rebar trough number (delete or select per number, browse reinforcement per number).

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Tags / Dimension lines for Rebar

Place quickly dimension line for Rebar set, associated with a tag rebar.

Manage Rebar Set

Explode, Split, unite Rebar set in Autodesk Revit®.

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Trim and Extend Rebar

Adjust Rebar geometry (Rebar to face, rebar to element, cut rebar around opening …).

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Transversal Reinforcement

The tool allows varying reinforcement to be applied to columns and beams as required.

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The reinforcement designer, available in the GRAITEC Power Pack for Autodesk Revit®, allows users to create, update and modify reinforcement cages for slabs, walls, beams, columns and footings. Reinforcement can be done automatically, based on numerous parameters, which can be either imported or set manually.






GRAITEC Advance Powerpack for Autodesk Revit BIM Workflow Advance Design

Link to Advance Design

Open Revit® Project in Advance Design.

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Download & Install

GRAITEC Advance Powerpack for Autodesk Revit BIM Workflow Advance BIM Connect

Link to BIM Connect

A suite of collaboration and interoperability tools.

Download & Install

GRAITEC Advance Powerpack for Autodesk Revit BIM Workflow Opentree


A suite of collaboration and interoperability tools.

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Link to Excel

Connect Excel worksheets to Revit®.

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Key Parameters

Assign custom parameters to Revit® Families via Excel.

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Worksheet to DXF

Connects Excel worksheets to the current Revit® project by inserting a linked and scalable DXF that auto-updates when the project is opened.

Element lookup

Quickly filter and select elements, according to any given parameters.

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Import Clash from Navisworks

Import clash-detection analysis results from Navisworks, in order to easily modify and correct your model.

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