Customizing Rebar Cages

Adjust and customize rebar cages


PowerPack for Revit helps you to create rebar cages regardless of your chosen workflow. Using the reinforcement settings you can fine-tune and customize rebar cages generated by the automatic calculation, based on default country standards. You can even fill manually all the parameters, if you prefer to do the calculation in another software, like Microsoft Excel or Libre Spreadsheet. If the parameters provided break the theoretical requirements, the corresponding text to the parameters becomes red indicating that the new configuration does not meet the minimum design requirement.

Naturally, the reinforcement options vary for individual elements. The Reinforced Concrete commands automatically detect the type of element selected and present options related to these element types such as footings, beams, and columns.


Reinforced Concrete  - Footings

Preliminary Sizing

One of the features available in the GRAITEC Power Pack for Autodesk® Revit® is the possibility to perform a preliminary foundation design for footings.

After launching the "Preliminary sizing" command the properties of the elements from the model can be further verified during the design process.

Once the structural design of the footing is completed, the rebar cage properties (diameter, spacing, covers, etc) are set in accordance with the selected country design code. In the majority of cases, the calculated reinforcement cage should not need to be changed but using the Generated Reinforcement panel, the resulting reinforcement can be revised and adjusted to accommodate additional requirements for each type of element. (N.B. Some dialogues may vary in appearance depending on the platform but the available options remain the same.)

Users can also adjust the main/secondary longitudinal reinforcement bars and the transversal bars as required.

The Reinforced Concrete allow complete client-side configuration giving the user complete control over the impact of any changes applied. For example, if the quantity of bars imposed by the user results in the real reinforcement area being smaller than the theoretical requirement, the corresponding text becomes red indicating that the new configuration does not meet the minimum design requirement.

Reinforcement Sections - alert of breaking the theoretical requirement

Reinforced Concrete - Columns

For columns, the properties of the longitudinal and transversal reinforcement for any of the three sections considered: upper, main, and lower bars can be adjusted.

The longitudinal starter bars (lower or upper) assure the reinforcement continuity over the entire height of the column; as a result, the column detects and works together with the footing and the column from the level above.

The upper transversal bars are the links along the upper longitudinal bars. The same applies to the main and lower transversal bars.

Reinforced Concrete - Beams

Reinforcement for a typical beam is divided into several categories that can be customized and set individually. This enables the user complete flexibility to adjust and fine-tune the properties of the longitudinal, transversal, anti-crack, sliding, splice bars, continuity, and lintel reinforcement to suit a wide variety of applications.

For each bar category various parameters such as quantity, diameter, cover, anchorage length, hook length, hook angle, etc. can be customized and adjusted as needed. Changes made will have an immediate effect on the real reinforcement diagrams, which are automatically updated.

Dialog box with parameters available for each bar category

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