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Streamline and Significantly Improve Workflow with Project Windows

Pick up from where you left off with planes views


Graitec PowerPack for Revit features an abundance of user-centered tools designed for creating complex projects, with multiple levels and managing views in a plenitude of windows.

To streamline the design process and make sure that you always pull up your previous project configuration, PowerPack for Revit offers several instruments for working with views.


Freely Arrange and Resize Project Views

Launch as many project views as you wish, easily and conveniently switch from one main window to another and make modifications across multiple sections, throughout the design process.

To avoid overcrowding the screen with views, use Windows from PowerPack for Revit. The feature is easily accessible and offers instruments for arranging multiple views at the top, bottom, left or right of the screen, while the main project view is featured in the center.

GRAITEC | PowerPack for Revit | Project Windows


The feature helps keep  the screen organized and tidy, which in turn results in an improved workflow and reduced time for designing. Moreover, PowerPack for Revit lets you resize the main project view by using the Bigger/Smaller tool, which in turn automatically resizes secondary views accordingly.

Another productive feature is the Center tool which can be used for automatically centering models inside all open views, providing a clear perspective of project elements and structures. This is a speedy alternative to centering views and zooming in on project elements manually.


Efficiently Save and Load Views Configurations


The Auto Arrange feature automatically organizes your workstation and maintains an orderly screen by making the selected view as main window. Simply click on one of the secondary views and Auto Arrange  will seamlessly make the switch and center the new main view. In addition, these settings can be saved and applied to other Revit work sessions using the Save Auto Arrange Settings option.


The position of views, their size and zoom level can be saved with the Save Project Configuration tool. When you Load Project Configuration, PowerPack for Revit opens your previously saved configuration, with views in the exact save position so you can continue working exactly from where you left off, without wasting time on unproductive tasks, like opening views, resizing and arranging windows.

GRAITEC | PowerPack for Revit | Project Windows


Multiple such configurations can be saved and linked to your project, so you can check your progress through various development stages.

Windows feature is available with PowerPack for Revit, providing an optimal way to streamline the design process and workflow, while eliminate some of the more time-consuming tasks.

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