Corner Balustrade – ETS J.-C. FASSLER

  • Corner Balustrade – ETS J.-C. FASSLER
  • Corner Balustrade – ETS J.-C. FASSLER


  • – Include glass clips to fix the glass panels on the railing posts
  • – Some parts had to be designed and fabricated especially for this project.
  • – A major modification was made during the design process: the filling plates were changed from perforated plates to glass plates.



  • – Special glass clips were downloaded from an online library and could be imported as special parts in the Advance Steel 3D model.
  • – Model specific parts in Advance Steel and generate DXF files from the model for CNC machinery.
  • – Flexibility of Advance Steel tools to modify, move, and stretch any element, any time.



  • – Import external solids as special parts in Advance Steel
  • – Integrate imported parts’ reference to lists and BOMs
  • – Create DXF files for CNC machines at workshop


“The balustrade required special clips for the glass panels that I had to download from an online library as DWG solids files that I could integrate into the 3D model with the exact quantity and reference number on BOMs.”

Olivier Rasquier,
Draftsman, ETS J.-C. FASSLER

  • Location: Colmar, France
  • Software used: Autodesk Advance Steel
  • Contracting authority: SCI Les Dahlias
  • Dimensions: L 8.5m; W 3m; H 1m
  • Description: A balustrade for the balcony of a pyramidal residential building.
  • Specifications: The balustrade is at the corner of the building, and has filling plates made of glass.

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