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Successful Implementation of Steel Fabrication Management Information System within an Industrial Construction Company


“We required a system to work with our structural fabrication process that enabled us to perform at or above the level of our competitors, and GRAITEC Advance Workshop has successfully completed this need. The fluent processes and ease of operation have assisted us in becoming a leader in structural fabrication, and enabled us to compete with larger fabrication facilities, throughout Western Canada. With increased material traceability and optimization, workflow efficiency and real-time updates, we are convinced that Advance Workshop is the correct choice for our needs. All of this has been possible thanks to GRAITEC’s professional services. We had the best implementation and training by far while we were relying on GRAITEC specialists during the entire process.”
Alex MacLure, Project Manager, Davco Welding Ltd.


Davco Welding Ltd was looking for a software that allows viewing and modifying of DSTV files.  Advance Workshop, GRAITEC’s steel fabrication management information system (MIS) was a perfect fit to do this and much more… The company decided to integrate the software which allowed the following company management enhancements:

Advance Workshop enables an allocation and follow-up of the required labor resources & equipment throughout all the stages of the fabrication processes. Advance Workshop automates and links directly detailing, purchasing and inventory, shipping & receiving, and project tracking modules to manage current specific Davco operations. All these operations are linked together through a network deployment and communicate seamlessly through a clever bar code system integration and a fully customized General User Interface (GUI).

It was also necessary to integrate a last generation CNC robot from Inovatech Engineering Corp. that cuts plates and bars by integrating ProNest®, Steeltracker and Autodesk® Advance Steel software.

Finally, Advance Workshop permits Davco to have complete control over customer orders, inventory availability, production management, employee work orders & tracking and to optimize all steel profiles to reduce waste.

Ultimately, this is allowing Davco to look forward to an advanced integration with their Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and manage their employee payroll information.

  • Location: Alberta, Canada
  • Software used: Advance Workshop
  • Client: Davco Welding Ltd.
  • Project Description: Successful Implementation of Advance Workshop, Steel Fabrication Management Information System within an Industrial Construction Company

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