Duisburg Casino Canopy

  • Duisburg Casino Canopy
  • Duisburg Casino Canopy

The challenge

  • – Funnel-shaped canopy
  • – Modeling of specific profiles
  • – Symmetrical modification in flange shape


The solution

  • – User friendly software which allows handling of straight and curved elements
  • – Easy to create custom profiles and to store them in a library for a later reuse
  • – Working in 3D makes the conception easier


Users’ benefits

  • – Simple to use
  • – Good price/performance investment ratio


“We are very satisfied with the ease of use of the Access database of Advance Steel. We were also convinced by the excellent customer support, the easy operation of the software and last but not least by the good price-performance ratio.”

 Mr. Peter Mertens, Structural Engineer

Project Manager 

  • Location: Duisburg, Germany
  • Software used: Autodesk Advance Steel
  • Dimensions: 50 tons, height of 10 meters, front span of 30 meters
  • Specifications: The canopy looks like a funnel. It is Germany's most up-to-date casino, with 19 American roulette tables, 8 blackjack tables and 24 multi-roulette clients for classic gambling as well as 400 slot machines

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