Indianapolis Plant – GD Drafting

  • Indianapolis Plant – GD Drafting
  • Indianapolis Plant – GD Drafting

Business issues

  • – Connection of vertical bracings to horizontal members
  • – Find correct spacing of guardrails posts not to interfere with beam-to-beam connection where guardrails are attached


Business results

  • – 3D modeling of the project for better understanding of the project concept
  • – Avoid interferences and collisions with the collision detection tools


“The Advance Steel 3D model helped us to find and solve the connection problems before submittal and fabrication; it also helped the erector to visualize the concept of the entire project.”

Griogo DANESHVAR, Owner of GD Drafting

  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Software used: Autodesk Advance Steel
  • Customer: GD Drafting

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