Production Unit – STRUBAT Ingénierie

  • Production Unit – STRUBAT Ingénierie
  • Production Unit – STRUBAT Ingénierie


  • – Create a main hall (with crane tracks and secondary framework) and an office structure partly curved including a hip valley receiving purlins
  • – Represent the environment in concrete
  • – Separate the whole project in different phases in order to launch the production in several steps
  • – Provide GA and workshop drawings allowing a clear understanding at the workshop and at site



  • – 3D modeling of the steel structure including folded pieces over the hip valley and the hall skylights
  • – Creation tool of concrete type elements (wall, slab, etc.)
  • – Assign a phase number to each element in order to isolate and group them together, and get documents per phase
  • – Automatically produce high quality drawings from customized drawing styles by STRUBAT Engineering



  • – Software adapted to the conception and drawing/layout of industrial type building
  • – Easy customization by the user (adding bolts, adaptations of drawing styles, etc.)
  • – Automatic update of all documents in case of 3D model modifications


“The precise dimensioning and according to my preferences on the drawings, as well as the management of the automatic update of the documents provides me with confidence regarding the success of the assembly phase on site.”
Jean-Louis RICHARD, Detailer at STRUBAT Engineering manager

  • Location: Hermillon, Savoie
  • Software used: Autodesk Advance Steel
  • Contracting authority: BELLET Industrie
  • Architecture Office: OAP Architecture
  • Dimensions: Main hall=65m x 40m with total height on upper side rail of 9.5m
  • Description: Production unit with a double hall, office building with raw plugged roofing and up against the wall
  • Total weight: 270 tons of steel structure

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