Tongon Gold Project

  • Tongon Gold Project
  • Tongon Gold Project
  • Tongon Gold Project


  • – Complete Roll-Off Material tips were required with no workshop pre-assembly time provided
  • – The bin plate work forms part of the structure to be able to withstand the relevant forces



  • – Modeling the complete Roll-Off Material tip while using clash detection eliminated any errors
  • – By using Advance steels plate work modeling functions, the bin was easily made.



  • – Speed and ease of modeling
  • – Standard connections
  • – Standard member sizes


“We found that the speed and ease of modeling in Advance Steel was unmatched by any other package in the current market place. The transformation from AutoCAD to Advance steel can be done within a short period of time thus making the change quick and inexpensive.”
Clinton Dantu, Draftsman

  • Location: Ivory Coast, West Africa
  • Software used: Autodesk Advance Steel
  • Specifications: Bin Capacity: 150 Tons (live load)
    Steel work mass: 108.505 Tons
    Bin plate work mass: 67.074 Tons
    Chute plate work mass: 28.630 Tons
    Total mass: 204.209 Tons
  • Description: The Roll-Off Material tip consists of a bin which is fed raw material by a D777 dump truck, from here an Apron feeder extracts the material.

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