Valenciennes Stadium – ETI

  • Valenciennes Stadium – ETI
  • Valenciennes Stadium – ETI
  • Valenciennes Stadium – ETI


  • – The structure consists of tapered box beams made of “Y-shaped” welded plates
  • – The architect’s main constraint was that no bolt should remain visible
  • – The weight of the steel elements makes it difficult to transport them and assemble them
  • – Need to display precise details in 3D for easy understanding by the architect



  • – Modeling of all weld preparation on beams and plates edges for easy welding at site
  • – Automatic collision detection
  • – Realistic 3D model and clear 2D and 3D assembly views
  • – DSTV files are generated from the Advance Steel model for the monitoring of the CNC machinery



  • – Precise 3D modeling
  • – No errors at site
  • – Create DSTV files for the fabrication of complex elements


“We did not receive a single phone call from the site foreman to report any error!”

Mr Stéphane Dottori, Project Manager, ETI

  • Location: Valenciennes, France
  • Software used: Autodesk Advance Steel
  • Dimensions: L: 180m; W: 145m; H: 23m
  • Specifications: The steel structure supports prefabricated concrete bleachers. The stadium has a capacity of 25000 spectators.
  • Description: A new stadium that is dedicated to Valenciennes Football Club games.

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