BIM Designers Wall Module provides automatic reinforcement design and performs the necessary verifications according to international codes for bearing and shear walls. The module will be introduced to the public starting with the official release of 2020 Graitec Advance Suite.

The software also automatically generates drawings, diagrams, and reports. Based on the generated reinforcement cage, the Wall Module generates, with the help of the ”Bill of Materials” command, the necessary quantity of materials as well as their total estimative cost. The prices of the materials are defined by the user per unity.

BIM Desigerns Wall Module

A quick overview of the BIM Designers Wall Module main commands and workflows




In the first place, the user defines the geometry of the model that is to be designed. The software can be used for both individual and group of walls (with or without openings).

In the next step, the calculation assumptions have to be defined. In this respect, the Design Assumptions command opens a window where two calculation methods are available:

  • Strips method – the only method available for bearing walls;
  • Composed bending method – recommended for shear walls

In this step, of defining assumptions, the user can also choose the concrete class, the rebar steel resistance, the support conditions and the concrete covers.

Further on, the reinforcement cage can be designed using individual bars or fabrics that can be selected from large international libraries or can be manually customized based on users’ preferences.

The final step consists of defining the load cases and the load cases combinations. For bearing walls, the software allows setting only vertical external loads; for shear walls, vertical external loads and resultant forces loads can both be applied.

The resultant forces can be applied on individual walls – for designing the reinforcement of each wall – and on a group of walls-for assembly verification.

After the wall/wall group automatic design is performed, a verification of the assembly is done using graphically displayed interaction curves. The interaction curves verification takes into account the resultant forces defined for the group while the design is performed considering the resultant forces defined for each component of the group.

Possible workflows provided by The BIM Designers Wall Module:

Workflow 1 (using the “Calculate” command)

The “Calculate” command will automatically generate a customized reinforcement cage consistent with the user-defined assumptions as well as with international codes and norms. If the wall is reinforced using fabrics, the fabric sheets will be automatically placed by the software in an economical way in order to save as much material as possible and to reduce costs.




After the command is launched, the automatically generated drawings, diagrams, and reports become available.

Workflow 2 (using the “Constructive Dispositions” command followed by “Verify” command)

The module generates the wall reinforcement cage based on constructive dispositions (i.e., minimal requirements imposed by international codes). After the preliminary reinforcement cage is verified using the “Verify” command, the user can manually adjust it and perform a rerun of the model verification until there are no more errors or warnings.

Workflow 3 (using the “Calculate” followed by “Verify” command)

The “Calculate” command is used to obtain a customized reinforcement cage. After the user applies the desired adjustments to the reinforcement cage based on their particular interest, the “Verify” command will be performed to check if the model still respects the assumptions as well as the international codes provisions. For example, this workflow can be particularly useful when the user wants to check if the wall model meets the assumptions and norms provisions after they have defined smaller bar diameters, greater spacing between bars, smaller number of bars and so on.

As all other BIM Designers modules, the Wall module runs as standalone software or can be used as an add-on for Advance Design and Revit©.

The BIM Designers Wall module automatically generates reinforcement based on user-defined assumptions and international codes for bearing and shear walls. The tool can be used to generate the most efficient reinforcement cages from the point of view of materials consumption. The software also automatically generates drawings, diagrams, and reports.