Railing Designer(Includes: Ball Posts) for Advance Steel

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If you're working in Construction, Plant, Utilities or Infrastructure this12 month subscription to the Railing Designer, including Ball Post Railing's for Autodesk Advance Steel is a must-have tool to get your hand-railing jobs done quicker.

Part of the Advance BIM Designers Collection, the Railing Designer does exactly what it says on the tin, enables users to create simple hand-railing or advanced Ball Post Railing layouts on platforms, stairs or along a 2D line, to your own or any manufacturer's specifications. Options such as to set the size and number of rails, define varying ball sizes, position posts on straight or curved elements, add and modify kick-rails and base connections, and the ability to save your configurations on the flyas you build your library makes this a must have for any design office.

Your 12 month subscription contract will be entitled to access and run all current and future versions of the Railing Designer for Advance Steel whilst your contract is active.


  • Compatible with Advance Steel 2016 and Advance Steel 2017
  • Define a wide range of Railing Systems (single and double middle-rails)
  • Works on straight and curved elements
  • Configurable returns, loops and bends
  • Fine tune post placement, including offsets
  • Supports multiple user-configurable post connection types
  • Add and connect Kick Plates (Kick-Flats)
  • Save to library to build your own catalogue
  • New for Advance Steel 2017
    • Base plate holes automatically align with existing holes on Stair Stringer
    • Railing can now be positioned on a line or polyline or by specifying points
    • New wall-mounted railing system
    • New standard railing system
    • Posts can be aligned to center line of the top of the tread
    • Interoperable with Advance Steel Stair Systems
290€ / year

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