Steel Stair Designer for Advance Steel

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12 month subscription to Stair Designer for Advance Steel, a powerful stair configurator and part of the Advance BIM Designers Collection.

The Stair Designer for Advance Steel increases the range of possible stair variations by introducing several non-standard styles to createBalanced Stairs and Saddle Stairs. These types of stairs are notoriously difficult for any 3D Steel software and are even time consuming using standard Advance Steel stair tools. The Stair Designer's powerful computational algorithms for the winder treadsand simple interface, allow multiple calculations to be managed on the fly,even at extreme angles, automatically updating the model in real-time, and arriving at the desired result in a fraction of the time.

Your 12 month subscription contract entitles you to access and run all current and future versions of the Stair Designer for Advance Steel whilst your contract is active.


  • Compatible with Advance Steel 2016 and Advance Steel 2017
  • Balanced Stair features include:
    • Automatic winder tread design for any angle
    • Easy tread override adjustment
    • Create floating treads
    • Multiple configurable tread types
  • Saddle Stair features include:
    • Applies to Straight Stairs and Balanced Stairs
    • Configure stringers independently: double / single / centered
    • Use Flats, Plates or Section profiles

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