3D Printing with Fusion 360

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3D Printing with Fusion 360

3D Printing with Fusion 360 is a user friendly experience, with some simple and effective workflows. If send to a 3D print utility is not selected, Fusion will export straight to a STL file format and save the file locally. STL is probably the most common mesh model format that just about any printer software will be able to import and work with.

Alternatively, a model can be exported directly into 3D printing products such as Autodesk Print Studio, Preform or Autodesk Meshmixer. All three of these products can be downloaded through the 3D print menu in Fusion 360 as standard, but you can also select custom and choose a different print application.

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Autodesk Print Studio

I will admit that Autodesk Print Studio is my personal favourite of the three packages. I find it easy to use, and it can interface directly with a variety of printers. Print Studio is great if you have already created your model in Fusion 360 and just want to scale it, add supports and position the model. It has the capability to set your material based on the printer selection. Users can preview the generated slices, and get an estimated time and total volume of the job, before exporting it to a printer.

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Autodesk Meshmixer

Meshmixer has the tools to create and manipulate model geometry which would be the main difference from Print Studio and Preform. Meshmixer has some cool analysis tools to help check the integrity of the model before sending it to print. Once the model has been prepared for printing there is the option to export to various mesh formats or to print. Should print be selected, the user will need to specify the driver for the printer being used.

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Preform is a Formlabs specific product that allows you to prepare your model and send it directly to a Formlabs printer. If you have a printer from the Form range then this product is simple to use, and it offers some nice features such as the one click print option.

fusion 360 3d printing

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