4 Ways to Make Revit Work Better for You with PowerPack

14 November 2023PowerPack Revit



If you’ve been looking for ways to speed up your Revit workflows, your search may be over. You can boost the productivity of your design team by providing add-on tools that help with modeling, documentation and data propagation. From automated and personalized workflows to time savings and reduced errors, when you combine GRAITEC PowerPack with Autodesk Revit®, you can have a perfect match for your projects. Following are 4 ways PowerPack makes Revit work better for you.


1.     Automate Repetitive Tasks – Your design process can be more efficient when you automate monotonous tasks. This enables you to achieve greater accuracy and consistency with less manual labor, so you and your team can concentrate more on design and innovation. Accelerate your workflow and enhance your accuracy with user-centric PowerPack for Revit features, including:

  • Time savings through bulk upgrading of Revit family files with ‘Family Upgrade‘.
  • Consistency when enumerating levels, grids, rooms, structural elements, and any Revit categories using ‘Numbering‘.
  • Enriched models with key data and dynamic shared parameters using ‘Add Parameter‘.
  • Streamlined connections between elements like slab/wall using ‘Join Unjoin‘.


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2.     Tailor Your Workflows – With personalized workflows, you can have better data management, heightened cooperation and better achievement of design standards. Save time and improve efficiency with the following PowerPack for Revit features:

  • Get better project management using bi-directional Revit exchange in ‘Link To Excel‘.
  • Perform easier referencing by transforming schedules into DXF files with ‘Worksheet to DXF‘.
  • Enjoy wider project compatibility with bulk exporting to NWC and IFC formats using ‘Batch Export‘.
  • Get a more efficient and seamless data flow between your Revit model and Advance Design using ‘BIM Connect‘.
  • Ensure tasks are completed on schedule by using ‘Worktracker‘.
  • Benefit from more organized Revit families using ‘Family Manager‘.

Are you ready to make Revit work better for you? Contact the GRAITEC team today to learn more about PowerPack for Revit.

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3.     Save Time – When it comes to competitive advantage, efficiency is key. For more efficient use of time, PowerPack for Revit provides ways to save modeling time creating and manipulating analytical models. You can significantly reduce manual effort, enhancing your productivity and project turnaround times with these toolsets:

  • Faster search and selection of elements using complex filters with ‘Element Lookup‘.
  • Faster corrections and adjustments requiring less manual time using ‘Trim/Extend’ and ‘Magnetize on Grids’ tools.
  • Expedited documentation and drawing, plus accurate, hassle-free measurement annotations using ‘Quick Dimensions‘ and ‘Auto Dimension‘.
  • Fast creation and management of consistent graphic representations across your project using the ‘Legends‘ feature.


4.     Reduce Errors – Rework is one of the most serious challenges this industry faces. You can prevent costly rework through early error detection and resolution. To share, synchronize and better manage project data and documentation and significantly reduce the chance of errors, check out these PowerPack for Revit features:

  • Benefit from an advanced level of error detection with ‘Detect Errors’.
  • Ensure better quality control of your Revit models with the ‘Navisworks Clashes’ feature.


You can boost your efficiency when using Revit on your projects by putting GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit to work for you. From automating repetitive tasks and tailored workflows to time savings and fewer errors, your design team will see noticeable improvements right away. Faster modeling, documentation and data propagation can be yours with PowerPack for Revit.

Check out the website for customer testimonials and short videos about PowerPack for Revit. Then read about how PowerPack for Revit was used on Steaua Stadium.



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