A Guide To Autodesk Inventor Level Of Detail

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A Guide To Autodesk Inventor Level Of Detail

inventor level of detail 2Following up on our guide to Inventor Positional Representations I thought I would take the time to go through the Autodesk Inventor level of detail.

By default, in an assembly file there are four levels of detail – master, all components suppressed, all parts suppressed and all content centre suppressed.

On top of the default levels of detail you can create your own levels as required. With levels of detail you can suppress unnecessary components to reduce memory consumption and to simplify the model. Save the level of detail with a name and activate it for modelling tasks, or select the required level of detail for creating drawings, presentations and derived assemblies.

In this guide I will show how to create a level of detail and create a drawing view using that new level of detail.

Steps to creating a Level of Detail

With the assembly open, expand the representations folder, as well as the level of detail master, and note the 4-default level of details.

Right click on the level of default master and select new level of detail. A new level of detail 1 has been created in the browser and is currently the active level of detail in the assembly.

inventor level of detail 3

In the browser select the required components to suppress for the level of detail. (Please note you must use suppress with level of detail and not visibility). Right click and select suppress.

inventor level of detail 4

Note the new current level of detail in the browser, and don’t forget to save the level of detail. Double click on master to view the master level of detail, and double click on engine components to view the level of detail.

inventor level of detail 5
inventor level of detail 6

Steps to creating a drawing view with Level of Detail

We can use assembly level of details to create drawing views on our drawing sheets. Use this option to display only what you want to in the drawing view without affecting any other base view or views placed on the drawing sheet. In this example we will place the master level of detail and then we will place the engine components level of detail.

With your drawing template open select base view on the ribbon.

inventor level of detail 7

In the drawing view dialog box note that the level of detail is master. Select OK for placement.

inventor level of detail 8

Select base view again in the drawing view dialog box, and for the level of detail select engine components. Select OK for placement to finish up.

inventor level of detail 9

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