A Guide To Civil 3D Junction Design

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A Guide To Civil 3D Junction Design

We are often asked how to create a junction in Civil 3D. Well over the years, we have developed a great training programme that covers Roundabout Design, including the Stockdale Method for our UK customers, as well as Cross Roads, T-Junction designs and Grade Separated Junctions.

civil 3d junction design cover

Since we ran our first training course on this subject, nearly 12 years ago, Autodesk Civil 3D and Infraworks have developed into extremely powerful tools for junction design. They help to automate some of the more complex aspects whilst also providing the functionality required to complete the whole job for you.

The Civil 3D Junction Wizard has been around for some time now (or a number of years), and in the 2019 release the UKIE country kit has the best assemblies we have ever had. In previous versions I have had to create these, but with this release the process is automated. Sometimes you have something that has specific restraints that requires some creative thinking. So, doing the junction manually is a better option.

In the 2018 Civil 3D release Autodesk released some of the functionality carried out previously by Wizard, giving us a way of doing the same thing with any different alignments. This is the dynamic profile on an offset alignment, and the connected alignment with dynamic profiles.

civil 3d junction design 1

This means that when you create your offset alignment geometry you can automatically generate the channel line profiles, and if you were to change the centre line profile this automatically updates the channel line profile as well.

These connected alignments are able to do the same thing for your Kerb Returns as well. They connect two alignments with parameters like radii and can also create a dynamic profile that connects the two profiles.

civil 3d junction design 2

Where the real power lies within this software is in its dynamic nature. Any changes carried out in the horizontal or vertical geometries will automatically update all the offset alignments and profiles as well.

Note that all the alignments and profiles automatically resolve themselves.

civil 3d junction design 3.1

Have a look at my video where I create the junction manually with AutoCAD Civil 3D. Even if you are going to use the junction tool, it’s better to know what the tool is doing, so that you can take ownership of the result or simply adjust it to your needs.

PS. If you want to know how I made the white lines in the title image, let me know, and I’ll write that one down as well. (Clue, its’s just a feature line style used in the corridor, so it doesn’t replace your line software, but does look great in your model).

civil 3d junction design 4

Make sure that you are using the new and enhanced version of the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2019 UKIE Country Kit. If you have any enquiries, please send us a message now:

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