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The comprehensive Autodesk AEC Collection suite provides CONTRACTORS with extra capabilities that EMPOWER creativity AND UNLEASH THEIR TEAM’S FULL POTENTIAL.




The Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection equips users with robust BIM and CAD capabilities for innovative design and confident construction. Key components include:

  • Revit: Comprehensive BIM software for multidisciplinary building design and management.
  • Autodesk Forma: Enhance projects with conceptual design, modelling tools, and real-time analytics.
  • AutoCAD: Versatile 2D and 3D CAD software, complete with specialized toolsets and apps.
  • InfraWorks: Conceptual design and analysis tool for civil infrastructure.
  • Civil 3D: Advanced software tailored for civil engineering design and documentation.
  • Autodesk Docs: A cloud platform to manage project data seamlessly.




The AEC Collection can unleash your creativity with powerful collaborative tools, visualisation capabilities and sustainability output forecasts.



  • Go above and beyond – as well as the full capabilities of AutoCAD, the Autodesk AEC Collection comes with a powerful set of tools – including Revit, Civil 3D, and InfraWorks – that enable so much more than simple 2D and 3D drafting.
  • Work in a way that suits you – team members can move between different project phases at any time – from concept to creation – whenever the need arises, without switching between different software solutions.
  • Stay up to date on deliverables – project managers and owners can monitor progress and keep track of budgets and timelines in a single working environment.
  • Seamless collaboration – professionals with complementary skills can work together in real-time within a single, shared model environment, for consistency throughout the entire project.
  • Automation and precision – save time, ensure accuracy and minimise the potential for errors with streamlined design and analysis, and automation of tasks and workflows.
  • Make a real impression –  stunning visualizations, walkthroughs and simulations for enhanced decision-making and really informative presentations.
  • Detailed documentation – detailed documentation with full and accurate annotations, dimensions and schedules that will always be interpreted correctly.





The Autodesk AEC Collection is the all-in-one solution for professionals who want to take their project deliverables to the next level.


achieve business results with Autodesk AEC collection Win more projects with Autodesk AEC Collection



Staying up-to-date with the latest software patches and developments is easy with Autodesk Access, or contact your Graitec representative and ask us what’s new. We are here to assist with any subscription needs and to ensure that your Autodesk subscription journey runs smoothly. To take advantage of all that an Autodesk subscription has to offer, upgrade to AEC Collection now and upskill your team with Autodesk Elite Expert training from Graitec.


powerpack for aec collection autodesk elite expert training
Amplify your design capabilities with Graitec’s PowerPack add-ons. Upskill your teams with Autodesk Expert Elite training from Graitec.


The sky is the limit with your Autodesk AEC Collection subscription.

The convenience of an Autodesk account is that it is machine-agnostic: you can effortlessly switch between numerous PCs and laptops with a single user login. Designers can utilise their personal email account as the primary subscriber to the AEC Collection. If you need to seamlessly tap into other Autodesk tools, such as Fusion 360 or Maya, you can use Flex. You can use your Autodesk account email to access higher-tier Autodesk offerings, such as ICM or InfoDrainage Ultimate. For legacy software and those soon maturing, like InfoSWMM and InfoSewer, you can rely on the robust Thales licensing system from Innovyze.

Achieve more – click here to find out more about the Autodesk AEC Collection Suite and Graitec’s BIM Programme, and how we can help you be more efficient, accurate and creative.

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