Advance Steel Autosave Location

5 April 2023advance steelAdvance Steel



Advance Steel Autosave location

From time to time your Advance Steel can crash which is obviously not ideal. (Always ensure you have the latest software updates & hotfixes installed to reduce certain crashes) The main thing to do is get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Aleck has written an excellent blog on the procedure you need to follow if your Advance Steel model gets corrupted and how to get it back working as expected.  In his blog Aleck describes how to find the temp folder which is where the autosaves are found. This temp folder is where all temporary files from your system get stored so it can be a very long list of files to search through to find the Advance Steel autosave.

To make things easier you can change where your Advance Steel autosaves are stored so they are easier to find. In the AutoCAD options which are found using the application button (Top left of the screen) Or by typing “Options” into the command line”  In the Files tab find the “Automatic Save File Location” then click on the current location, choose browse. You can then create a new folder somewhere on your C drive.

This allows us to find the autosave files a lot quicker than searching through the Windows Temp folder.

Written by Rob Merriman – Software Technical Specialist

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