Advance Steel Demonstrations

8 August 2014advance steel


Advance Steel Demonstrations

advance-steel-2015-badge-256If you haven’t heard, Advance Steel 2015 is Autodesk’s 3D modelling software for steel detailing! Developed by Adris’ parent company Graitec, we are unique in the UK for providing the training and consultancy for Advance Steel.

Advance Steel features libraries of parametric UK standard steel connections, structural elements & plates, the ability to generate workshop & GA drawings, Bill of Materials, and NC files directly from the model, and a bidirectional link with Revit to support a connected BIM workflow.

Click on the title to be taken to the videos and you will get a flavour of what Advance Steel can offer you.

Architectural Demonstration
Advance Steel is not only great for regular structures but is ideal for more decorative, architectural metalwork too. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use Advance Steel 2015 to create a two flight staircase with a different style of glass railing on each side and concrete supports. The full model and all manufacturing documentation are complete in around 45 minutes.

Platework 2015
Advance Steel has some really nice tools to model complex platework. Whether this is a hopper in an industrial application or some decorative architectural steelwork, Advance Steel’s tools make it easy to achieve results. Once the model is made it is equally easy to produce accurate flat patterns and cutting templates for manufacture. Watch this brief video for a taster of what it can do.

Platform demonstration
If you are pushed for time and cannot watch one of our more complete videos try this brief overview. In just 12 minutes we create a platform with stair and railings and full manufacturing documentation with BOMs and NC files. This simple model gives a quick taste of how efficient and easy Advance Steel can make your work.

Simple Joints Tutorial
What is the difference between Advance Steel and a typical 3D modelling package (such as Inventor)? Using a fundamentally different approach to modelling, Advance Steel is a dedicated structural modelling package with special tools for that purpose.

The efficiency for structural modelling is beyond comparison with mechanical modellers. Showing how we approach connections between beams to make intelligent parametric joints, this short video gives a glimpse of the power and efficiency of Advance Steel.

With its flexible and powerful macros and modelling tools Advance Steel makes light work of detailing agricultural style buildings. This video shows an ENTIRE PROJECT from start to finish in real time. This is a 10m x 25m Mono Pitch building with timber cladding, including all GAs, manufacturing drawings, BOMs and NC files created in less than half an hour.

Standard Demonstration/Overview
Would you like a full length demonstration of Advance Steel and its features? This video is for you. Starting with a blank file we create a 12m x 36m Portal Frame building with a hip end. A mezzanine floor and an outside balcony with stairs and railings are added to one end.

Some cold rolled steel is applied to the roof.
Appropriate beam connections and joints are used throughout. A full set of General Arrangements, Fabrication and Part drawings are created along with several Bills of Materials, and a full set of NC and DXF files.

Changes are made to the structure with Advance Steel intelligently updating the model and the documentation with full Revision control. The entire project, including revisions, takes a mere 45 minutes.

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