Advance Steel – Save 40%+ On Drawing Production Time

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Advance Steel – Save 40%+ On Drawing Production Time

“After engaging Graitec to create a customised template to meet our Drawing Style, we are now able to produce our product, from 3D Generation to a Full Set of Working Drawings at least 40% quicker than previously. A great time saving! “ – Samantha Prazza, Bairnsdale Engineering, Australia.

Read on to see how YOU can get similar gains!

Everybody does drawings differently. Therefore, the automatic drawings produced by Advance Steel out of the box are always going to be an amalgamation of different styles. Many users feel that a lot of time is spent editing drawings to be the way they like them, and frequently these edits are repetitive and common to many drawings. This can form a significant part of every project duration.

However, don’t worry as Graitec can help! Our experts can customise your system to produce drawings closer to what you desire automatically.

The tools to do this are extremely complex and most customers find them difficult to adjust themselves. Furthermore, Graitec can access several areas and make adjustments which aren’t typically achievable for customers. If you allow Graitec to customise your system for you, HUGE savings are often achieved. Note the customer quote above regarding work carried out by Graitec UK.

Many customers complain about these issues to our Account Managers, but few go ahead with the customisation work. Before you dismiss the process as too expensive consider the return on investment. Here is a fictional example:-

• Typical time spent editing drawings per project: 4 days.
• Number of projects per year: 25
• Charge out rate for draughtsman: £25/hour, 8 hours/day
• Graitec quote for customisation: £4000
• Likely saving achieved (conservative): 25%
• Saving = 25%*4 days*25 projects/year = 25 days/year = 200 hours/year @£25 = £5000/year

In other words you have got your money back in less than ten months and will be making savings after that.

These numbers are part of a hypothetical scenario, and the return on investment is often faster than that. Do try your own figures, to see how things add up.

In addition to customising the automatic drawings, Graitec can add data and adjust other parts of the system for you such as Bolts, Anchors, Gratings, Beam Sections, User connections, Standard Parts, BOM Templates, Custom Model Template and Drawing Prototypes. These will all provide additional accuracy and time savings in modelling and output.

If you are looking to enhance your capabilities, you should consider a Graitec training course. You can also get hold of a number of powerful and original tools with the Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel.


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