Advance Steel – Status Control Within Model And Drawings

4 August 2017advance steel


Advance Steel – Status Control Within Model And Drawings

Within Advance Steel there are options to apply a Status level to both the drawing and the model elements, this is sometimes referred to as Key Stages/Life Cycles within the production process.

The Status system existing as part of the Fabrication data within Advance Steel, it can have levels/statuses added to it via the Management Tool (MT) System, also comment levels can be added also to compliment the status.

When creating within the MT, different colours can be set, these can then be used to apply colourisation/highlighting to the model. This is done by using the project explorer and the saved Query Feature.

So, using this you can apply this in the model to elements that for example have been issued for fabrication, isolate and apply highlighting, making it easy to see in the model.

In tandem to this there is a status level for drawings, the drawing system is separate to the model elements, as drawings may not always be at the same status as the model, for example the model may be out for revision, the elements in the model have been updates, but the drawings are not at same point. But at some point, they will receive a revision, then a change in status level of Reissued etc., then changing to the same status as model at some point.

The important thing here is a “STATUS” level, is not a revision to the drawing, it is the current state of the drawing to the overall life cycle to the project, so the two systems are different, but can be used in conjunction to bring a life cycle management to the system for Autodesk Advance Steel document and model management.

To easier demonstrate these features and how to apply them, a series of short videos explain the various steps and operation. You can watch the videos below:

WATCH: Drawing Status Levels


WATCH: Setting Status Levels


WATCH: BOM lists for Status Levels

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