Autodesk Vault 2021 – What’s New

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Autodesk Vault 2021 – What’s New

Vault 2021 has now been released and there are many new enhancements and capabilities which delivers much more value to subscribers.

The type of productivity enhancements you can expect to see in Vault 2021:

Productivity for CAD Users:

Supports Inventor and Revit interoperability with significant workflow and usability improvements. Inventor’s AnyCAD engine can now directly access Revit models, with real time updates when changes are made to the Revit file. Connecting Vault to BIM360, allows for integrated BIM workflows between Revit and Inventor users, across time zones and offices.

Smart Duplicate Reduction:

Vault’s new Duplicate Search is incredible new technology, comparing 3D shapes and delivering insights on duplicate content. Duplicate content is inefficient and costs you money. With new insights and reports into your data, Duplicate Search will allow your team to perform more efficient design, with fewer part numbers.

Administration Efficiency:

Allows more granularity within the security model and minimises deployment and maintenance downtime.

Watch our overview video below which explains the new features in Vault 2021.

To find out more about Autodesk Vault 2021, head over to our software page. You can also get in touch with Graitec by clicking on the button below.

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