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Transforming Manufacturing for the Digital Age

4 June 2024Fusion, inventor, vaultClaire

Embrace digital transformation to overcome engineering and manufacturing challenges. Adopt advanced technologies and workflows to stay competitive and ensure long-term…

Autodesk Informed Design

13 February 2024inventor, RevitGRAITEC Expert

Autodesk Informed Design: Cloud tool integrating design & manufacturing. Custom components for precise outcomes. Available for Revit & Inventor.

An Overview of Autodesk Inventor Bill of Materials (BOM)

27 January 2020inventorGRAITEC Expert

If your organisation uses Autodesk Inventor, you may not be utilising the Bill of Materials (BOM) or BOM tool.

An Overview of Shared Views in Autodesk Inventor

12 December 2019inventorGRAITEC Expert

The ability to share a 3D model with almost anyone on practically any device makes “Shared Views” a really powerful…

An Overview of the Autodesk Inventor Frame Generator Tool

3 December 2019inventorGRAITEC Expert

Inventor is full of incredibly useful design tools which are aimed at increasing productivity in common manufacturing situations, one of…

How to use the Unwrap Command in Autodesk Inventor

25 November 2019inventorGRAITEC Expert

The Unwrap command in Inventor allows you to unwrap most shapes that cannot be flattened by the unfold command and…

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