Cutting Structural Members with Reference Plains in Autodesk Revit

2 February 2017bim
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Cutting Structural Members with Reference Plains in Autodesk Revit

So you are working in Revit and placing structural beams and columns, the problem is you need the end of the beam cutting at an angle, but there is no option for this in the properties. I’ve seen people try to fix this by creating model in=place element to either replace or try and cut with voids. The solution is a lot easier than you think. Reference plans can be used to cut the members. I’ll talk you though creating a structural steel haunch.

Revit Place your Beams Image

First place your beams as shown above, the haunch only needs to be attached to the column and beam, we will refine the positioning later.

Revit extending the member using grips

Next extend the members using the grips so that we have a clear section to cut.

Revit reference planes

We now need some reference planes, one that runs vertically up the inside of the column and a sloping one following the lower edge of the beam. If you want to make this fully parametric, use the align tool and lock them in place in case anything changes i.e. roof pitch.

Revit Geometry Tab

Next on the Modify Ribbon, Geometry Tab select the cut tool.

Revit select beam then reference plane image

Remembering to select the beam or element you want to cut first then the reference plane, also make sure you click on the side of the element you want to keep!!!

Revit reposition lower beam to create haunch

Once the cutting is done we can reposition the Lower beam to create the haunch, the reference planes will still cut the elements on moving. Also notice that Revit has kept the analytical model intact which means it will work if you export it for analysis.

Revit Copy haunch or mirror it

If you want to copy the haunch or mirror it across to the other side, make sure you also select the reference planes even though the planes are 3d with indefinite limits, it will not copy the cut information and you will need to recut the haunch if you have not copied the reference planes as well.

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