Digital transformation and the future of construction with Graitec’s Vicky Davenport

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This interview with our Executive Vice President Vicky Davenport was first published in the August issue of PBC Today magazine. Here is the link to the original article.

Over your thirty-year career, you’ve gone from sales management roles to becoming the Executive Vice President. How have you seen the software/manufacturing industry change over that time?

The software industry has grown rapidly over the last 30 years and particularly in the Manufacturing and Construction space. Companies have seen the need to digitise to become more efficient, improve collaboration and eliminate mistakes to improve productivity.

What made Graitec stand out to you?

Graitec has a long heritage in Digitising Construction, Manufacturing and Fabricators for a sustainable tomorrow. As one of the largest Autodesk Partners, we provide solutions that enhance the Autodesk portfolio. We provide an end-to-end solution for our customers with great products, both from Autodesk and ones we have developed ourselves, through Services and Consulting, to supporting our customers through the entire lifecycle of their journey. We help companies find the right solution to their challenges and improve their workflows, leading them through the acquisition and adoption of our solutions and providing proactive post-sales support.

Don’t be afraid to go into the tech industry. We want diversity, as it brings us innovation.

As offsite manufacturing continues to increase construction output, tools like the Autodesk range are instrumental to boosting communication and digital efficiency.  In what other ways is Graitec preparing for the future of construction?

As a global developer and provider of high-performance software, Graitec is well-positioned to navigate the changing landscape of the construction industry. The company is already leveraging its expertise in BIM and structural analysis solutions, and based on current trends and Graitec’s innovative portfolio, we anticipate a focus on many areas, including:

 – Adoption of Emerging Technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning , Generative Design, Augmented and Virtual Reality. These technologies can enhance simulation, visualization, and predictive analytics in construction.

 – Increased Focus on BIM: BIM has become a vital part of modern construction management. Graitec’s suite of software solutions, including Advance Design, Advance Workshop, and our PowerPack for Autodesk software, already offer robust BIM and CAD capabilities. We anticipate Graitec will continue to enhance these offerings, facilitating improved design, simulations, and fabrication processes for its clients. An increased focus on this area can enhance collaboration between different teams, allowing for more efficient design and construction processes. Advanced BIM tools also provide better visualization, aiding in conflict detection before construction begins.

 – Cloud-Based Solutions: In line with the industry’s shift towards digital transformation, and as a key partner of Autodesk, Graitec is likely to intensify its focus on enhancing and expanding its cloud-based design and modelling tools. Such solutions offer a way to manage the increasing complexity and speed of construction projects. Leveraging cloud technologies not only supports real-time collaboration and immediate updates but also aids in efficient data management and workflow coordination.

 – Sustainability and Green Construction: As part of Graitec’s dedicated commitment to sustainability, the company is actively implementing strategies that contribute to eco-friendly and sustainable construction. Our software solutions are designed to promote energy efficiency and resource optimisation, playing a significant role in reducing the environmental impact of construction projects.

What advice would you offer to young women starting out today who want to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t be afraid to go into the tech industry. We want diversity, as it brings us innovation. It’s a fast-growing industry for the future and women have proven to thrive in the environment.

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