Don’t Install AutoCAD 2020. Read this first…

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Don’t Install AutoCAD 2020. Read this first…

It’s here… AutoCAD 2020 and this blog is going to tell you a few of the new things, but first we need to address the big news of last year’s release, just in case you missed it.

I’ve been travelling around and have seen loads of AutoCAD installations where users have just simply hit the Install button on their Autodesk Desktop App or asked their IT department to update their AutoCAD. Before you do that this year, stop and have a think about what you do for a living.

Do you do any of the following:

• Draw buildings, create floor plans, sections and elevations?
• Use map data of any kind? Like OS maps or flood data. Do you do Master Planning? Does your organisation have a GIS department or are you using Google maps, or Google Earth?
• Work with a lot of Raster images that need vectorising or cleaning up?
• Do you draw wiring diagrams, schematics and panel layouts?
• Do you draw machine components and create a bill of materials?
• What about Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing drawings?
• Or do you draw Pipes and Instrumentation diagrams?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above, then just simply download, or tell your IT to download the right version of AutoCAD 2020. All of the above tasks are made easier in the right version of AutoCAD. But don’t worry, your beloved AutoCAD is still there, and you can even make it look just like your old AutoCAD.

So, if you download AutoCAD Map 3D, you still get AutoCAD, as well as added functionality to bring OS maps and Aerial imagery in the correct place, or view Flood data straight from the Environment Agencies server. Also, if you download AutoCAD Architecture it’s still AutoCAD, but with Floor Plan, Section and Elevation tools.

Have a look at the right version for you. It will cost you nothing.

If you have any questions, please speak to your local Graitec office and they will advise you on the best version of AutoCAD 2020 for you.

OK, so to the new stuff. The big thing this year is a whole new Save to Web & Mobile.

autocad 2020 installation 1

This will allow you to send anyone a DWG and they can view, edit (with a valid subscription) and annotate it in a Web Browser or on a mobile phone. Great for working in the field and for sharing your work with colleagues and clients.

autocad 2020 installation 2

Your Shared Views option is still there for the read only and annotate options.

You now don’t need to use the Autodesk Servers to store your DWG. You can also use a few other leading providers of online storage, these are:

• Microsoft One Drive
• DropBox
• Box

autocad 2020 installation 3

Next are some improvements to the Block insertion options and the Purge tool.

Blocks now have their own palette. You’ll find it on the View Tab, or when you type ‘Insert’:

As well as being a dockable palette, you now have the added functionality of selecting the ‘Repeat Placement’ check box for inserting multiple instances. But its brilliance doesn’t stop there. How many of you use the Design Centre (_dc) to find blocks in other drawings? Now you can search other drawings and insert blocks straight from the Block Palette. It even keeps a handy tally of the recent blocks you have used.

autocad 2020 installation 4

Purge has a new improved interface now too.

You can now see all the items in a preview before you purge, but the most useful thing here is the ‘Find Non-Purgeable Items’ options. As well as the preview, you get a good reason as to why you can’t purge the items along with its size and how many instances there are of it in the drawing:

autocad 2020 installation 5

The next feature upgrade is the Measure tool. A new option has been added called Quick Measure, and you’ll find it on the Home tab, Utilities panel, Measure drop down. This adds temporary graphical measurements to all objects you move your mouse over. Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference and I can see myself using this one a lot.

There have also been Performance Improvements on the DWG Save time and on installation time when using an SSD hard drive.

So, make sure you get the right version for you, and download it today… or ask your IT guys to do it!

autocad 2020 installation 6


Any question?

Please contact us if you have any questions or requests on our products, training, consulting services or events. Our team of experts are here to help you get the best out of your projects.

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