Graitec Advance Steel User Group 2020

14 September 2020advance steel



We have just completed the Graitec Advance Steel User Group for our UK customers. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we couldn’t run them as physical events as we did last year in Newbury and Sheffield.

This year’s User groups were run over 2 sessions the attendees were shown classes by Aleck Giles & Rob Merriman on the following:

Advance Steel Tips & Tricks – Covering all aspects of Advance Steel from modelling, drawing output, import & export, customising the palettes, sharing the models with customers.

Advance Steel Tips Tricks

Point cloud information – Looking at how we can manipulate point cloud data within ReCap Pro and then export what we require to Advance Steel. Once we have the point cloud information into Advance Steel, we can then use the dedicated AutoCAD tools to extract lines from the point cloud to convert into Advance Steel beams.

Point Cloud Information

Rendering your Advance Steel models – This session looked at how users can have a better image of their model to show to the customer, use for social media or websites etc. The session looked at what can be done within the Advance Steel environment, then moving into Fusion360 and finally looking at what outcomes can be achieved with Twinmotion.


We were pleased to have the following people from Autodesk join us – Gernot Jeromin (Product Manager for Advance Steel and Revit Structural Steel), Philippe Bonneau (Technical Marketing Manager) & Michael Gustafson (Senior Industry Strategy Manager – Structures). We are very grateful for them for taking part in these sessions and answering our customers questions and queries.

They also presented a class on Better project outcomes with BIM to fabrication where they highlighted different workflows available with Advance Steel including Revit, Navisworks, BIM360. They also looked at how the construction industry is changing and showcased how Advance Steel is used worldwide and how others are utilising the tools available in the AEC collection for steelwork.

For 2020 we also decided to renew the Advance Steel model competition, Aleck will be doing a separate blog for the competition and the results so keep a look out for that!

Thank you to all the Graitec UK customers for putting aside the time to join the events, entering the models to the competition and making the event as interactive as possible for an online event.

Hopefully 2021 we see us return to hosting these events in person.

If you are looking to learn some Advance Steel Tips and Tricks, make sure you head over to our content centre or if you have any questions, just get in touch with Graitec by clicking on the button below.

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