The Graitec PowerPack 2023.1 for Advance Steel has now been released

2 November 2022PowerPack for Advance Steel3Dmodelling, detailing



The Graitec PowerPack 2023.1 for Advance Steel has now been released, the PowerPack is Graitec’s extension to Advance Steel which gives users additional modelling tools, connections, templates, sections and data, this blog will run through what’s new in the 2023.1 release.

For a full What’s new document including usage instructions for each tool please refer to the Graitec Advantage site.

Camera Browser – You can manage all your cameras via one dialogue box. This new tool allows you edit anything about the camera such as style, scale, text title, size. You also have the ability to highlight the camera in the model to find it easily.

Camera creator enhancements – The camera creator was added with the 2023 version of the PowerPack allowing users to place cameras from 1 dialogue. The 2023.1 version has new tokens for Gridline, Grid Intersection and Camera level. There are also options to have multiline text descriptions and the option to link Cameras to search queries.

Multigrid tool enhancements – Another great new modelling function that was added to the 2023 PowerPack this tool creates your Grids and levels from 1 dialogue. With the 2023.1 release the column function now locks to the levels created via the PowerPack tool.

There is now also the option to lock levels with the 2023.1 PowerPack.

Stair macro Pan tread – Within the PowerPack Stair macros users now have a new tread type to create folded pan treads as well as the folding information on landings.

As well as this new tread type with various options for the folding details there are specific tread connections, these are called bearer bars. This allows you to support the horizontal and vertical areas of the tread.

New Stair stringer sections – With the PowerPack Stair macros users can now model stair stringers from SHS, RHS and HSS sections.

Data migration tool – As users integrate the powerful tools that the PowerPack brings library entries and joint configurations will be saved. With the 2023.1 PowerPack these entries can be migrated from version to version. The tool will work for PowerPack data in 2022 / 2022.1 / 2023.

The migration tool is accessed from start menu and will automatically look for previous versions of PowerPack data on the machine. Users can then choose what PowerPack data and version the migration is taken from.

How do I install the 2023.1 PowerPack

The Graitec Advance Steel 2023.1 PowerPack and can be downloaded through your Graitec Advantage account and is found under the “Download Service Packs” section, there is also a full What’s new document available on the Advantage site.

The 2023.1 PowerPack can be installed on Advance Steel 2023 and 2022. If you already have the 2023 PowerPack installed this 2023.1 version can be installed without uninstalling anything.

Rob Merriman – Structures Technical Specialist 

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