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17 January 2023advance steel, PowerPack for Advance SteelAdvance Steel, Eurocode 6, Masonry



Following on from Aleck’s latest blog on the Modelling Folded Plates for Drawing Output which you can read here. I wanted to highlight how the Graitec PowerPack can help with your folded plate workflows.

To model folded plates in Advance Steel we either need to model the plates in the position we require them then use the “Create folded plate – without position adjustment” but this involves a lot of UCS manipulation.

The other method is to draw all the plates in 1 work plane then use the “Create folded plate with position adjustment” where the user adds the angles required. This works fine but the user needs to make sure they click on the correct edge otherwise they will end up with the incorrect size folded plate.

With the Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel there is a folded plate command that will allow users to add extra plates to a main plate without changing the UCS or modelling the additional plate. The PowerPack will do everything for you.

This plate will default to the width of the main plate and then the user can change the length, override the width, angle, justification and radius.

This PowerPack function will also remember the length, angle, justification, and radius, so if you need to add the same fold to another edge or another plate you don’t need to re enter all the settings.

To see more information on the Folded plate tool from the PowerPack you can have a look at John’s technical document here.

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