Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel -How to understand the Graitec Magic Tree within the Railings

29 November 2021general



The Graitec Railing macro which comes as part of the Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel makes use of a Global User interface (GUI) Technology called a ‘Tree’. This is a little bit different to the Standard GUI that users may be familiar with from the main Advance Steel platform and the standard macros used.

We will look at this in the document How to Understand the Graitec Magic Tree within the Railings, as we explain how the basics of a ‘Tree’ work within the overall dialog and expand into how this allows more detailed control over the many elements found within complex macros such as the standard railing tool.

Using the tree elements that have multiple locations within the macro can be configured at the top level of the tree, and then adjusted within the sub-levels (Branches) of the tree should their granular level require a different series of settings. A simple example of this is the use of the cap plates, which may be required at the start and end of a particular rail element. With the tree structure, the various rail elements can be set to have different options for cap plates and then both the start and end of the rail element can have different types.

The tree is present in many parts of the railing macro, the document highlights areas where you will find the use of the GUI option and how best to approach using it.

Please follow the link to download the full How to Understand the Graitec Magic Tree within the Railings tutorial.

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