Graitec’s Most Popular Revit Webinars of 2021

20 January 2022general



Over the course of the past year, the Graitec experts have presented over twenty separate Revit webinars, covering all of the core functionality of this Autodesk product as well as resolving common issues. These are all available to watch at your convenience through the Graitec Content Centre, and in this blog we will let you know which ones were attended by the most people.

One of last year’s most popular BIM webinars was ‘Revit – Presentation Techniques’, which helped users to utilise the tools available for enhancing the presentation of their models and views. This was of course relevant to professionals regardless of their specialisation, as we all want to show off our completed projects in the best quality available. Therefore, it was no surprise that many of you joined us for this session, and this will hopefully have resulted in successful usage of the Graphics Display Options.

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Another webinar which was well received was ‘Advance motion control in Revit families’ – this session was aimed at users who were looking to gain more control over their Revit Families. This was in response to the issue which had afflicted many users whereby their reference lines seem to take up a mind of their own. Luckily, this webinar provided them with some easy to learn techniques that will eradicate this problem for good.

We will stick to the theme of Families for the most popular webinar of the year, which was ‘A simple introduction into Revit Parametric Families’, which did what it said on the tin. We aim to ensure that we provide webinars that are useful to users with varying experience levels, and this is one example of a session that was designed with beginners in mind. Therefore, we succinctly introduced the basics of one of the core functions of the software, and this should stand the attendees in good stead moving forward.

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We also make sure to provide webinars with a more advanced user in mind, and one such example can be found with ‘Classical Railings in Revit – Understanding How Railings are Made’. Here we wanted to take users beyond the basics of tube and square railings, and enable them to bring more complex designs to life with bespoke processes. This session was also well attended, showing the breadth of the audience we were able to reach over the course of the year.

Whilst these were the most popular webinars of the year, this list barely scratches the surface of the wide range of Revit topics that we covered last year. We hosted sessions looking at Base Points, Lines, Shared Coordinates and many more, and also looked at the powerful features of the Graitec PowerPack.

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