How PowerPack for Revit Helped Create Emblematic Structure for Bucharest

14 November 2023PowerPack Revit



Steaua Stadium in Bucharest, Romania is an 861,113 square-foot soccer and rugby arena with seating for over 31,000 people. Construction for the project broke ground in February 2019 and was completed in July 2021.

Because of the size of the structure, the project’s architect, Popp & Asociații, had to find appropriate solutions to accommodate the project’s plans. One of the leading firms in the design sector of Romania, Popp & Asociatii has been utilizing innovative technologies for over 20 years.

photo of soccer stadium looking out from beneath a semi-circular roof green field multicolored seats
Steaua Stadium, Bucharest, Romania; image: Popp & Asociatii

Intended to utilize a design-build process using building information modelling (BIM), the Steaua Stadium project had a tight 18-month schedule for completion. The project was coordinated using Autodesk BIM 360, part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud™ platform, which gave all parties involved in the project – including 25 engineers and technicians – simultaneous access to information in the same digital work platform (a common data environment). The Autodesk tools allowed import of files from other programs and export to IFC (industry foundation classes) format for import into calculation programs.

The design process enabled development and planning of the project at the same pace for all the specialties involved, beginning from the concept phase. Online connectivity and successful collaboration with and among specialty contractors in real-time helped improve decision-making and reduce working times, which ultimately contributed to the project’s success.

Among the special solutions implemented on this project by the Popp & Asociații team were: jointing of the floors above the basement and ground floor, the use of “lock-up” type devices for the metal roof to cope with temperature variations, and the use of prefabrication, which was more easily coordinated by using GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit.

photo of city background white oval roof of stadium open in middle building surrounded by ramps and sidewalks
Steaua Stadium, Bucharest, Romania; image: Popp & Asociatii

In addition to BIM 360 and the extra functionality provided by PowerPack for Revit, the project team used Autodesk Revit© and Autodesk Navisworks© .

Revit was used to model complex components and provided the BIM model. Navisworks helped detect and resolve collisions during design at the same time that specialists using Revit were working on the stadium model. Therefore, changes and additions could be viewed instantly by everyone involved, including the owner and general contractor.


PowerPack for Revit made efficient interdisciplinary collaboration possible. It was used on reinforcement of monolithic or precast concrete structural elements and rigid reinforced concrete elements. Reinforcing, detailing, family management, and generating rebar schedules were improved and simplified using dedicated PowerPack commands. In addition, PowerPack facilitated coordination of the execution of prefabricated elements and helped with the information needed for plans, sections, details, and bills of materials.

photo looking from seats toward green soccer field surrounded by multicolored angled seating yellow steel roof rafters
Steaua Stadium, Bucharest, Romania; image: Popp & Asociatii

The Steaua Stadium is, without a doubt, an emblematic structure for Bucharest. The project’s awards include:
·        1st prize, performance and quality in design, Association of Structural Engineers AICPS 2021 “Project of the Year.”
·        Distinction, Built Architecture/Public Architecture section, 2021 Bucharest Architecture Annual edition.

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