How to Clone Your Drawings for an Unmatchable Productivity Boost

24 July 2023Graitec PowerPack, PowerPack Revit



From a productivity standpoint, if there’s one tool that Autodesk Revit® users always wanted but never had, it’s a tool to clone structural drawings. From experience, Revit users know that replicating drawings can save valuable time while ensuring accurate and consistent results.

For a productivity boost that is unmatchable, the newest version of PowerPack for Revit now offers the Clone Drawings tool. You won’t find this tool in any other Revit add-in.

If you only added PowerPack for Revit 2024 to your tech stack to get the Clone Drawings tool, it would be well worth it.

Watch the following 2-minute video below to see how simple it is to Clone Drawings.

PowerPack for Revit – Clone Drawings – YouTube

If you’re interested in saving half the time you spend with the Revit tools you already use, contact Graitec UK today to learn more about PowerPack for Revit.

Written by Daniel Gheorghe – Technical Specialist at GRAITEC Romania

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