How to Create a Base Plate for a Stair Railing

30 March 2017advance steel


How to Create a Base Plate for a Stair Railing

Often, when creating railings on Autodesk Advance Steel for AutoCAD I tend to get the question: Can you place a level footing plate for the railing on a concrete stair? Yes, is the answer. However, as this is not a standard connection, I have prepared this short video tutorial to show you how to do so.

Using the standard AS railing macro, create a railing using a concrete beam as the base beam. form this beam into a stair profile.

Then using the end plate macro, start to create a base plate to sit on the stair tread, use other tools with the custom connection palette to create a custom joint. For ease, you can repeat use and application in further models. With this we show how to combine different standard macros and manual elements to create a new joint for use by users again and again. Try to break the joint own into basic elements and see what tools can be used to build it back up again.

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