How to use the iConstruct Dynamic Label Tool in Navisworks

5 April 2017bim
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How to use the iConstruct Dynamic Label Tool in Navisworks

When using Navisworks sometimes its handy to tag or Label an item or number of items so we identify them without having to select them and check the properties. We can use the Navisworks tag tool and add comments or use the redline text tool but there is another option.

iConstruct comes with a number of standard tools and one of those is Dynamic Label. This simple tool allows us to add our own custom label to any item or items, based on the properties of that item within the Navisworks file set.

First we will need to configure the Dynamic Labeller tool under the General Configuration tab in the iConstruct window.

Configure the Dynamic Labeller Tool

We create a new template name before we can set the properties for our label. We will also be able to see any previously created label templates.

Create a New Template Name

Next we need to nominate properties to be labelled, and we do that by ‘drag and drop’; so, we pick an item that we wish to tag and simply drag and drop into the ‘drag and drop box’.

Drag and Drop

We can now set the category from the populated dropdown and set properties and click add.

Set the Category and Properties

When done we click save and then the close button. We can add as many categories and properties as needed. For example, I have added a new category and extra properties to my selected item using Append Data (see my previous iConstruct blog).

Category = Graitec. Properties = Name, Length, Height and Depth

New Category and Extra Properties

We then select the item / items we wish to label and use the Dynamic Labeller tool.

Dynamic Labeller Tool

And now we have a custom label.

Custom Label

We also have advanced settings for configuring fonts, size and colour of the label etc.

Advanced Settings

iConstruct features over 30 specialist tools making it a must have ‘add in’ for Navisworks software. Find out more about this Navisworks extension by visiting our iConstruct web page or by clicking the button below.

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