How To Use The Revit 2020 Steel Connection Enhancements

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How To Use The Revit 2020 Steel Connection Enhancements

New for Autodesk Revit 2020 is the propagate joint option, but also alongside this is the ability to create a series of connection configurations, as a duplication and stored with a different reference. This allows the user to create and store different connection configurations/variations within the model.

This allows for the selection of the Group instance and then modification of the parameters within the Group via the new dialog interface which is available.

The procedure for applying a basic joint is the same as in previous versions, but the Modify joint options process has changed. Previously, the option was available to edit default, but now this is changed so the option needs to be selected by the ‘override in instance’ option in the properties dialog. With this in place, you can select this option and then modify that instance of the applied connection, but note if the check box tick has been removed, the joint will revert to the default stored parameters.

Within the option now available via the Edit type under properties, this opens a new dialog interface that allows for the duplication of the joint and then with new instance name reference, the parameters are stored under the new reference. This reference can be seen in the steel connections listing under the project browser.

With this in place it can then be used and propagated within the model, and also then edited, as all the joints with the same instance types will alter if the parameters are changed in the source parameter stored for the joint/instance. For example, if the base plate thickness changed for a type A reference, you would alter the joint type in one location and then via the ‘modify parameters’ all the connections of that reference/type/instance will change in the model.

How can this be useful?

So, where an engineer may have several different types of the same joint, these can be created and stored within a file, then applied to the beams with similar conditions as required. However, with it being a “type”, should that type have to change, then you can go in and edit the main parameters and they will all update. Similarly, if you wished to change a single connection or several to a different type, this can be done by selecting those connections and changing the sub type of stored connection parameters.

Take a look at the video below for a demonstration of the enhanced Steel Connection functionality:

revit 2020 steel connections video

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