Missing Lines on my Advance Steel 3D View

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Missing Lines on my Advance Steel 3D View

This is a common question we get asked on technical support or see on the Advance Steel forum, you have run a 3D view on your model and when you open the drawing there are some lines missing from the view.

If we look at this simple example below, we have 2 beams with some special part posts and handrails passing through them, the left-hand image is from the model, the right-hand image is the resultant 3D View on a GA drawing.

Advance Steel Image 2 Beams with Some Special Part Posts and Handrails

As you can see the handrails are missing from the drawing and the intersection point between the two beams is incorrect. The reason for this is there are clashes in the model, its these clashes causing the issue with the 3D View, when generating the view because of the clash Advance Steel cannot calculate how to display the object.

Advance Steel Clash Check

The only way to correct the GA view is to resolve the clashes in the model, in our example I have edited the special part so the holes in the post are slightly larger and I have used the parametric notch joint between the two beams. There are now no clashes and you can see the improvement on the GA view.

Advance Steel Correcting the GA View

From our tests we have found that clashes between concrete objects and anchors don’t seem to cause too much of an issue with missing lines.

You can watch this process and how to correct the issue from the video below.

This video is an extract from the webinar I ran on “Resolving Common Issues with Drawing Views”. Why not check out the full webinar and also our Graitec Advance Steel Content Portal which contains a number of tutorials available to watch on demand.

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