PowerPack for Advance Steel – Wall Rail Quick Start User Guide

17 February 2022general



Typically, as a detailer creates a Staircase within the Stair core, there will be the Stair and then the Railings, but there is also a need for a Wall fixed rail for people to use if required. As part of the stairs and railings tools in the Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel, we have the Wall Rail macro to help the Detailer create the wall rail configuration. This includes different types of bracket made from fabrication parts and for those users that use brought in brackets, well we have an option for that too.

The wall rail can be created as one single rail element from top to bottom of the stair, which is easy for the detailer. There is always a need to be practical with these elements, and the tool provides options to split the rail up into Segments to allow for site installation, and also there are options to extend the Bends with a grip element either side which then allow for that to be formed into a single bend or a series of bends, depending upon the tube bending machinery available.

You can download our Wall Rail – Quick Start User guide tutorial by following the link.

If you are looking for a further idea of how this tool works then take a look at the walkthrough video below:

PowerPack for Advance Steel Wall Rail Quick Start User Guide video

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