PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel 2022 – What’s New

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PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel 2022 – What’s New

The Graitec PowerPack 2022 for Advance Steel has now been released, the PowerPack is Graitec’s extension to Advance Steel which gives users additional modelling tools, connections, templates, sections and data, this blog will run through what’s new in the 2022 release.

The Graitec Advance Steel 2022 PowerPack and can be downloaded through your Graitec Advantage account and is found under the “Download Release” section, there is also a full what’s new document available on the Advantage site.

Graitec Advantage Download Release

The 2022 PowerPack can be installed on Advance Steel 2022 and 2021 if required. When you are on the Advantage Downloads page you will have 2 options:

  1. Setup PowerPack for Advance Steel 2022 – This will install just the 2022 PowerPack on Advance Steel 2022 and 2021 if they are both found on your machine.
  2. GRAITEC Advance Setup – This gives you the option to choose to install all the Graitec products including Advance Design, PowerPacks for Advance Steel, Revit, Inventor, Vault. This option will install the 2022 PowerPack on Advance Steel 2022 only.

A video of the new features in the 2022 Powerpack can be found here.

GTCX synchronisation method – To improve the BIM workflows between Advance Steel and Advance Design the 2022 PowerPack now has an option to synchronise changes between models.

One of the key features with this new mechanism is users can choose what attributes they want to sync, you are not forced to synchronise everything.

You will also notice that within the model objects section of the dialogue there is an option to “Search” for information allowing users to filter the information quickly.

GTCX Import / Export of Concrete elements – For the 2022 PowerPack concrete elements have been included in the transfer mechanism including beams, columns, walls, slabs, footings (isolated and continuous) so models of mixed disciplines can be transferred.

PowerPack Premium Stairs & Railings speed – The rate at the information is read from the databases has been increased, this has had an impact on the speed of the macros when options are enabled, or parameters modified.

PowerPack Premium Railings – Fixing lugs – Users can now create horizontal or vertical fixing lugs for middle rails, this combined with the split rail mechanism now allow users to create fabricated railing panels without having to explode the macro.

The middle handrail to post connection must be set to “Aligned” then in the new Fixing lug tab all options are available for the lugs.

Using the tree structure users can control which posts horizontal, vertical, or full depth vertical lugs are created. If lugs are required on specific posts once one has been configured, they can be easily copied from one post to another by right clicking on the post.

PowerPack Premium Railings Fixing Lugs

PowerPack Premium Railings – Split rail improvements – The split rail mechanisms have been a key feature within the Graitec railing tools, with the 2022 releases, users can now add a gap and enable a weld and set the weld location.

PowerPack Premium Railings – Infill improvements – The railing infill mechanism which can create plate or grating panels has been improved to work with more complex geometries and multiple changes between sloping & horizontal sections.

PowerPack Premium Railings Infill improvements

PowerPack Premium Stair – Tread fixing corner cut – With the 2022 release tread end plates or folded plate connections users now have the option to control cuts to all corners.

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