Revit And Complex Linetypes

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Revit And Complex Linetypes

Sometimes you just have to accept a work-around every now and then and that’s the case when it comes to complex linetype in Revit.

It’s a question I always get asked by users migrating from AutoCAD, where both text and symbols can be incorporated into the linetype definition.

For those of you who have created your own basic linetypes in Revit you will be familiar with the Line Pattern dialog box. For those are aren’t, then you will notice in the following image that Revit only allows linetypes to comprise of Dashes, Dots and Spaces.

complex linetypes line pattern properties

So, if you need to create a lintype which incorporates some text e.g. GAS LINE, then this is the blog for you.

Stage 1.

Firstly, create a new Annotation Symbol for your text:

complex linetypes line pattern annotations

NOTE: As well as placing your desired text, you can also place a masking region so that the text creates a gap between the actual line geometry and the annotation.

Stage 2. Creating a’ Line Based’ Family

Create a New Family using the Metric Detail Item line based.rft if you wish your new linetype to act like other detail items i.e. only being visible in the view they are placed. Otherwise use the Metric Generic Model line based.rft should you require the linetype to be visible in all views

Either of these templates include a Reference Line with a Length Parameter already assigned to it.

The following 2 images show the parameters and formula which are required to define the family:

complex linetypes line pattern parameters
complex linetypes line pattern formula family

The annotation symbol (GAS LINE) has been loaded, placed and locked to the start offset reference line. The symbol is then arrayed and locked to the end offset reference plane. The array is then driven by a formula which takes the calculated length parameter and the spacing between symbol parameter.

complex linetypes line pattern final

Once complete, load into your project and away you go…

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