Take Your AutoCAD Workflows To The Next Level With Autodesk Build

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Take Your AutoCAD Workflows To The Next Level With Autodesk Build

For many designers in the construction industry, AutoCAD continues to be their modelling software of choice. You just know what you are getting with this dependable product, which Autodesk have evolved to keep at the forefront of the market.

AutoCAD provides several key benefits; first and foremost it offers robust performance for drafting, annotating and designing with 2D geometry and 3D models. On top of this, several manual tasks including comparing drawings, creating schedules and adding blocks can be automated. It can also be enhanced with add-on toolsets designed for specific industries, which can be utilised by those in the Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and MEP sectors.

However, many users would still like to get more from this product and will have to surmount a few challenges if they want to use it in the truly modern sense, which involves multi-user collaboration throughout a project lifecycle. For example, any information that is exported from AutoCAD is immediately outdated, and there is also a lack of traceability over who has received files. Furthermore, it doesn’t provide the best setup for collecting feedback, whilst the use of multiple channels is not ideal for communication purposes.

Thankfully, there is now the perfect solution which can render these issues null and void, meaning users can still utilise the powerful functionality of AutoCAD within the modern construction environment. Autodesk Build is one of the key pillars of the new Autodesk Construction Cloud, and it has the tools you need to set up a connected system for your project data. It is an advanced document management system, with the capability to act as the central operating system for your workflows.

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Perhaps most significantly, it will enable your team to operate with a single source of truth for its projects. You will be given the peace of mind you need to share your files securely in their native AutoCAD format, and these can be viewed and edited on any device. When changes are made, the old docs will automatically be replaced by the updated version, so that everyone is brought up to speed. However, it is still possible to review the past versions of files, which allows users to get a clear overview of the lifecycle.

Autodesk Build will be transformative for AutoCAD users, as it will change their software experience from being quite isolated by setting up a collaborative environment. Without having to put in any further editing work, your files will automatically be available in a variety of formats, making them easily accessible from any location.

It is also much easier for managers to keep control over the project direction, as they have the power to set the permissions for who can view and edit files. They are also able to share their power by tagging those they would like to review the design – the reviewer will be notified instantly and will then be able to give their insights to the rest of the team in real time.

All of these features should ensure that your team has total clarity and confidence over its project. Autodesk Build is designed to offer total transparency, so that all users are aware of ongoing project issues.

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Every single file uploaded to Build, in all formats including AutoCAD, is completely traceable straight away which ensures that all users can view the file history. There is a guaranteed audit trail throughout the project, which is widely recognised as a vital part of an effective operating practice in the construction industry. This will allow your team members to pursue their goals with confidence, safe in the knowledge that there will be no unresolved disputes to deal with further down the line.

If you are starting your journey with Autodesk Build by using AutoCAD as your main modelling software, you will then have the opportunity to expand your options to include other Autodesk products. This will be fully supported by the functionality of Build, which is designed to operate with different file types, so you have the option to create seamless workflows involving varied software licenses. This is the perfect way to move towards the future of 3D modelling, as you can gradually enhance your approach without losing focus on the project at hand.

Autodesk Build is the perfect solution for project management, and it can make every stage of the process much easier. It has the potential to save so much time spent on manual processes, as your entire file management system will be automated so that all team members can get a simplified view of the project lifecycle. It can ensure that years of experience and training with AutoCAD are still put to full use for the foreseeable future, and it will help you to expand your modelling options as the construction industry continues to move forwards.

We can help you to enhance your workflows with Autodesk certified training courses, which you can view at the Graitec Training Centre.

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