The Lumion 12.3 Update Contains Brilliant New Features

18 March 2022general



Lumion is the pre-eminent software on the market for architectural rendering, and it contains a toolset that enables designers to create stunning visualisations. It got even better with the release of Lumion 12, which brought a selection of new features to the fingertips of its users. These included the volumetric spotlights effect, surface decals, and many new objects and materials.

In exciting news, Lumion 12 users can now access even more high-quality effects for their rendering tasks, thanks to the 12.3 update, which has just been released. The Lumion developers wanted to add to the enhancements in the recent version with some extra functionality, and users will be able to integrate these features into their workflows seamlessly.

Lumion 12.3 cover 1

One of the most exciting developments is the introduction of Custom Surface Decals. This means that on top of the many new decals that were added in the initial Lumion 12 announcement, users can now create their own. This means they will have an unprecedented degree of control over the walls and surfaces of their visualisations, which is crucial when seeking to create a lifelike feel.

This new feature is easy to use and will result in some extraordinary touches being added to designs, from the imperfections caused by deliberate blemishes to the more expressive option of creating breathtaking art pieces. Whichever way you would like to make use of this feature, you are sure to be able to add more character to both interior and exterior designs.

Lumion 12.3 2 house in forest

Another feature from the Lumion 12 influx to have received a further boost is the Volumetric Spotlights Effect. This feature was introduced to allow users to produce visible beams of light within their drawings, and the effect of this has been to make the lighting look much more realistic.

Thanks to the 12.3 update, this effect can now be applied to Omni Lights, which are popular in the field of architectural design at the moment. This should lead to some spectacular effects being created, as Omni lighting casts light throughout the scene’s layout, thus transforming the feel of the overall picture. Again, this feature is easily accessible to users who have already got to grips with the initial Lumion 12 toolset.

Another nice addition to the toolset of the Lumion 12 user is a much improved Nature Library, which will come in handy when designing outdoor scenes. There are now 100 freshly animated nature features at your disposal, and this will help you bring outdoor spaces to life.

These animated features have been added to the content library, which was simplified as part of the Lumion 12 release, so users will have no problem accessing these items. The only issue may be having to choose between the plethora of options that have been made available, from a wide selection of trees and plants to items such as grasses and weeds, which can be just as important when capturing a realistic effect.

Lumion 12.3 3 interior with nature view

Small details add up to make the backbone of all architectural visualisations, and the Lumion team always have a keen eye on areas where improvements can make a difference. For many designers, the appearance of lifelike vehicles is crucial, especially when creating outdoor public spaces. After Lumion 12 saw the introduction of country-specific license plates for cars, users can now go a step further by importing their custom plates, which will ensure that another element can be made as lifelike as possible.

On top of all these new features, Lumion 12.3 will give users more control over the organisation of their drawings. The number of layers that can be used within a design has now been taken up to 32, and this should provide the flexibility required to build up elements without undue pressure. There have also been a number of minor performance updates, which may not be immediately noticeable but which will have the cumulative effect of making the designer’s job more comfortable.

Overall, these updates should prove very useful to rendering experts as they pursue perfection. With the functionality of Lumion 12.3 behind them, they can carry on inspiring clients and colleagues with their incredible visualisations.

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