The Vital Role of Ongoing FEM Software Development and Support for Structural Engineers

10 June 2024Advance Design



Finite Element Method (FEM) software is a cornerstone tool for structural engineers, enabling them to analyze and design complex structures with precision and efficiency. The continuous development of FEM software, coupled with robust support from providers, plays a critical role in advancing the field of structural engineering. This article explores why these elements are essential for professionals relying on FEM software.

FEM/FEA multi-colored structural bridge rendering

Importance of Continuous FEM Software Development

1. Keeping Pace with Industry Changes

The construction industry is continually evolving with new materials, methods, and regulatory requirements. Continuous software development ensures that FEM tools stay relevant and effective, incorporating the latest industry standards and innovations. This allows structural engineers to remain compliant and competitive in a dynamic market.

2. Enhancing Functionality and Efficiency

Regular updates and new features enhance the functionality of FEM software, allowing engineers to tackle more complex design challenges more efficiently. These updates can introduce new types of analyses, improve the user interface, or optimize existing algorithms, which in turn streamline the design process and reduce time-to-completion.

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3. Integration with Other Technologies

As the digital landscape of construction expands, integrating FEM software with other technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and advanced simulation tools becomes essential. Ongoing development ensures that FEM software can effectively communicate and function within these interconnected systems.

FEM/FEA BIM structural model, left side red and green, right side white line drawing of building framework

The Role of Excellent Support from Software Providers

1. Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

Robust support services are crucial for resolving technical issues quickly and efficiently. This ensures that projects stay on track and that software users can maintain high productivity levels. Support can range from help with installation and configuration to more complex troubleshooting during critical phases of project development.

2. Training and Knowledge Sharing

Good support extends beyond solving problems—it also involves training users to fully utilize all features of the software. Through workshops, webinars, and online tutorials, software providers can enhance the skills of structural engineers, enabling them to maximize the potential of their FEM tools.

woman with long brown hair and headset sitting at white desk looking at laptop computer and taking notes, tech support, BIM model, structural engineering, FEM/FEA

3. Customization and Scalability

Different projects require different functionalities. Support from software providers can include customization of the software to fit specific project needs or scaling solutions to accommodate the size and complexity of a project. Tailored support ensures that engineers have precisely what they need for their unique challenges.


Impact on Project Outcomes

The combination of ongoing FEM software development and excellent provider support significantly impacts the quality, safety, and sustainability of engineering projects. Engineers can design with greater accuracy and confidence, knowing that their tools are up-to-date and supported. This leads to safer buildings and infrastructure, optimized use of materials, and reduced environmental impact.


For structural engineers, the continuous development of FEM software and excellent support from providers are not just about keeping their tools functional—they are about expanding capabilities, enhancing safety, and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in structural design. As the demands on the construction industry grow, the role of advanced, well-supported FEM software will only become more critical. These tools are essential in helping engineers build the safe, innovative structures that modern society relies on.

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