Vault Professional Engineering Change orders

9 April 2024vault



Vault Professional Engineering Change orders

In the world of design and engineering, the only way to move forward or progress is to change.

The demand for better, faster, stronger, more sustainable and more cost effective “enter anything tangible here”, could be seen as drivers amongst many others that result in the need to change or update design information. These could be changes to fit, form, function, or an entirely new design to meet ever changing requirements.

Over the years I’ve come to realize that design changes are the easy part, being able to effectively capture, coordinate, collaborate, and package that change with its accompanying information is where the challenge often lies.

Enter Vault Professional ECO’s

Many companies and businesses make use of Vault Professional to manage their engineering data, from access control, revision and lifecycle management to automating the creation of design representations and 3D model exports for downstream users. Few however have explored the Engineering change order functionality that Vault Professional offers.

Change orders in Vault Professional are a component of the change management process that describes why, how and when changes are made to a design. All of this information can be captured within the change order, creating a record containing details surrounding the change or request for change.

How do Vault change orders work?

Change orders can be created by authorized users and the progression of these controlled by defined routing lists and roles within Vault. The roles determine the tasks each user can perform at predetermined stages within the change order. Additional files, images, email messages or markups can be attached to the change order to provide further context, reason or desired result. Specific change order properties can be added and updated to reflect amongst others, related change requests, deadlines, cost centers or impacts.

As the change order progresses through its lifecycle, users within the change order can be notified via email or in app work lists when actions are needing to be performed and key milestones met.

Change orders and accompanying data can also be viewed in the Vault Thin client, giving oversight to those that might not necessarily be working within the Vault environment.

If required, change orders can also be exported in the form of reports and shared with others.

In Summary

With Vault ECO’s, we can better create, capture and manage the what, why, how and when, create an auditable trail, historic record and promote better communication, collaboration, and ensure change is documented, validated and approved in a systematic manner.

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Written by Tyral Channing – Software Technical Specialist

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