W4I Integration with Vault & ERP

13 April 2017mechanical
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W4I Integration with Vault & ERP

Woodwork for Inventor integrates seamlessly with Autodesk Vault for Data management and ERP.

Click this link for an overview of Woodwork for Inventor.

A wise man once said:

‘If you haven’t installed Vault. You’ve only installed half the software’

The trouble with any project is that it just never stands still…

The customer changes their mind, suppliers change their stock, the conditions on site can’t be met – change is a constant headache.

If we are not careful it becomes difficult to track which version of our design is up to date with the latest information and who has a copy of which version we last sent out?

People quickly loose trust in ‘the system’. We lose time searching for the ‘right’ version of the design or risk working with the wrong version and having to do our work again.

The Autodesk Vault data management system can help eliminate all of these issues.

All CAD files, and their associate data (PDF spec sheets, excel data, emails etc.) are kept in the Vault. The Vault becomes a single source of data for everyone.

Woodwork for Inventor Cabinet Image

Vault automatically handles version control of our files. Every time we add a new file to the Vault it becomes the latest version and the old one is archived. Everyone can be confident that they have the right version of the file.

Everyone accesses Vault using a personal login in. This is used to add permission control to files. Perhaps you don’t want production to see your Work In Progress Data until your customer has signed the design off? This can be managed with Vault.

Autodesk Vault professional has its own ERP integration through the item master. The item master is a way of building a BOM (Bill of Material) before we even start thinking about CAD.

Item Master Image

Vault’s item master allows us to build an ‘Item’ (a record that relates to one of the items we are going to make or buy) which we then add out data to.

The item master BOM can then be linked to your ERP or PLM system outputting all the data you need for procurement, manufacture, installation and maintenance across your products lifecycle.

Click this link to find out how Woodwork for Inventor works with Autodesk Inventor.

Contact us today or request more information to find out more on Autodesk Inventor and the Woodwork for Inventor plugin.

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