Welcome to Advance Design 2024.1

10 October 2023Advance Design



Welcome to Advance Design 2024.1


GRAITEC is pleased to present the latest version of the leading structural analysis software – Advance Design 2024.1.

This Update 1 to Advance Design 2024 is mainly focused on improving the quality and convenience of daily work. It contains many corrections, adjustments, and extensions to existing capabilities, following the feedback received from thousands of users worldwide.


Among the many improvements, we want to especially highlight select features in six areas:

  • New standards
    • Canadian building code NBC-2020
  • System management
    • New options for managing and renumbering systems
  • Modelling
    • Definition of releases on planar elements graphically
  • Steel design
    • Reduced stress method for the shear buckling acc. to the EN 1993-1-5
  • Postprocessing
    • Easy selection of maximum work ratios for steel and timber elements
  • RC modules
    • New possibilities for easily changing drawing settings
    • Structural formwork view on drawings of RC Slabs

Advance Design 2024.1 also comes with a vast number of improvements and adjustments following the feedback received from thousands of users worldwide.

New building code for Canada: NBC 2020

The latest update to the Canadian Building Standard incorporates significant enhancements in wind load and seismic calculations. Advance Design 2024.1 introduces the 2020 edition of the Canadian National Building Code (NBC 2020).
In the Localization configuration window for Combinations, Seismic, and Climatic, users can choose the standard that best suits their needs. The default option for Canadian locations is now this updated version of the standard.

Ajouter une imageNew building code for Canada: NBC 2020

System management

1. New options for quick system duplication

Introducing faster and more convenient building modeling options for duplicated stories or repeating systems! With the latest program update, new commands have been added to simplify and expedite system modeling. Now, you can effortlessly copy the tree structure and promptly copy the systems with their contents to quickly model a multi-story building with an established systems structure.

System management New options for quick system duplication

2. Options for renumbering systems

Creating and editing models just got easier with updated systems. When making changes like deleting or copying, the numbering can sometimes get messy and inconsistent. But fret not! The latest version now offers automatic renumbering options to keep your work and documentation generation smooth.

Access the renumbering feature through the Project Browser, simply by right-clicking. The new version introduces two modes of automatic numbering:

  • Tree level
  • Main system
Advance Design Options for renumbering systems

Simplify your model editing process and ensure consistent numbering throughout. Upgrade now to enjoy a hassle-free experience.


Graphic definition of linear releases

Previously, defining linear releases on surface elements was a hassle, especially for complex surfaces. Graitec is excited to present a new and enhanced method that simplifies this process. The latest feature allows you to define releases effortlessly and efficiently. In Version 2024.1 introduces a graphical mechanism that makes defining linear releases much faster and easier. Discover a streamlined and convenient way to define releases directly on the model.

Modelling Graphic definition of linear releases  Modelling Graphic definition of linear releases

Steel Design

Shear web buckling analysis for I sections – Reduced stress method (EN 1993-1-5)

Ensure the stability of I-section webs with a reliable analysis using the reduced stress method outlined in EN 1993-1-5. This method allows for a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of longitudinal stiffening.
With Advance Design 2024 and the latest version 2024.1, you can confidently assess shear buckling of webs according to EN 1993-1-5 using both the Effective Width Method and the newly available Reduced Stress Method. Improve structural stability and make informed design decisions with ease.


Maximum Work Ratio for steel and timber

Experience a seamless way to visually display your steel and timber design results with the latest update. After running the verification analysis (for steel or timber elements), simply choose the desired result (presented graphically) from the user-friendly lists in the results ribbon. These lists categorize results, including strength, stability, and deflection, and among the results available within these groups are Work Ratio values.

In the latest version 2024.1, accessing the crucial summary verification results is now even easier. A new main result group has been created named “Max Work ratio,” which appears (by default) as the first group in the list.

This exciting feature allows you to quickly select and view the maximum work ratios for each category. What’s more, we have added a new item called “Max Work Ratio” at the top of the list. This represents the maximum work ratio across all types of verification. With this conveniently placed item, you can instantly check graphically the most critical elements after completing your calculations.

Postprocessing Maximum Work Ratio for steel and timber

RC Modules

1. Easy change of selected drawing settings

Design modules in Advance Design now offer flexible configuration options for your drawings. With the latest version, it is even easier to customize template settings, specifically the font size. Introducing a dedicated command in the drawing parameters, you can quickly overwrite settings to ensure your drawings look their best. Discover the possibilities in the Drawing Templates group.

RC Modules Easy change of selected drawing settings

2. RC Slab – Structure formwork view

Reinforced concrete slab drawings now have an additional plan view type in the Advance Design 2024.1 release. The Formwork Plan view type offers a top view of the slab with openings, supports, and other elements. With customizable settings including support descriptions, opening descriptions, and axis visibility, this view allows for easy content and presentation adjustments. Add it to an existing sheet or create a new one. Enhance the view with dimension lines and personalized annotations as needed.

RC Slab – Structure formwork view

Discover the unlimited possibilities of Advance Design “What’s New” 2024.1! These improved workflows will revolutionize your design capabilities. Click HERE to explore all the exciting features in depth.

At GRAITEC, we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge software solutions. Our latest product update, 2024.1, showcases our ongoing leadership in building design software. Join the ranks of successful architectural, engineering, and construction companies by choosing GRAITEC for better project outcomes.

Advance Design New release 2024.1

Learn more about Advance Design 2024.1 during the “What’s New” event! 
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