What’s New in Advance Steel 2022

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What’s New in Advance Steel 2022

Advance Steel 2022 has now been released! You can download the version from your Autodesk account at manage.autodesk.com or from your Autodesk desktop app.

This blog will run through what’s new in Advance Steel 2022.

The key new features of 2022 are:

  • Selected objects for Camera’s – This new feature allow users to select the elements that you want to show in a GA view, this is a huge improvement for generating GA drawings and will allow users to show exactly what they want on a GA using the camera workflows.
  • Middle leader line for labels – This now allows users to align a leader line with the middle of the text instead of the underline option. This can be done as a one off on an individual label or controlled globally via the management defaults.
  • Keep holes in position during stretch – When you stretch a beam this new option allows you to keep the holes in their original position in relation to other connecting elements. This is controlled via a management default, so you have control over how the stretch works.
  • Document management drawing registration – Drawings and other documents that need to stay registered to the model will not automatically be deregistered if they are not found next to the model (in the relative folder path) during specific modelling commands.
    • In previous versions of Advance Steel when you opened the document manager, right-clicked on an object, opened the model browser the system would check if the drawings or other documents registered to the model were found in the correct folder if they were not then they would get deregistered.
    • This could have caused problems where users working on cloud storage or file management systems like Vault
  • One side DXF for plates – DXF Files for plates can now always be created with only one face. In older versions if you had a plate with a tab welded above and below you would get 2 views on the DXF file, once for each face. Now, this can be controlled via a management default.
  • New Dynamo nodes – In previous releases you could only create dynamo scripts with straight / curved beam and planar plates, with the Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel 2022 users have the possibility to write scripts which include bolts, shear studs, anchor bolts, welds, cuts, concrete & camera objects.

As well as these new features there have been a lot of fixes to various issues, to see a full breakdown of everything please refer to this Autodesk help page.

The migration tool which installed automatically with Advance Steel will get all your custom data, prototypes etc migrated from a previous version into 2022 (you must have the previous version still installed on your machine to do the migration).

The Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel is a standalone installation from Graitec, the 2022 PowerPack will be released on the 1st of June 2022 and can be downloaded from the Graitec Advantage site. Once the PowerPack has been released I will write a what’s new blog.

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