What’s New in Autodesk Vault 2022

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What’s New in Autodesk Vault 2022

Autodesk Vault helps you manage your design and engineering data and improves the way teams collaborate on product development. Let us look at what is new in the Vault 2022 release.


In the Vault Professional 2022 release, there is an improved browser experience available. Using the browser based Thin Client, there is no need to install software to your desktop. You only need your Vault’s URL and your log-in information.

The Vault browser experience provides a convenient way to collaborate with your colleagues using only your familiar web browser.

The browser interface makes finding and viewing your vaulted data quick and easy. You can navigate workspaces like folders, items and change orders, and open file previews in the Viewer with a just few clicks.

Model States

Over the years, one of the most highly requested features in Autodesk Inventor is to capture a model in multiple manufacturing stages, simplified versions of designs or design families without separate files for each configuration.

Model states allow you to define a model with multiple variants without the overhead of many additional files being created and managed separately.

Vault has been fully enhanced to support this new capability in Inventor.

User Management

The Vault 2022 release marks the next step forward with user management enhancements for CAD administrators, such as one interface for managing users and groups, a friendly display name, the addition of a new authentication account, editing profile attributes, and more. All these enhancements mean quicker deployment and lower maintenance.

Mobile App

The Vault mobile application is now available on both the Apple App store and Google Play store. The application is compatible tablets and phones running IOS version 12 & later or Android version 8 & later.

It is compatible with Vault Professional 2020, 2021 and 2022 servers.

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