What’s new in PowerPack for Plant 3D 2025

13 June 2024PowerPack for Plant 3D



The release of PowerPack for Plant 3D 2025 introduces enhanced features like the Copy Project Drawings tool, a powerful tool for plant designers and process engineers. This enhancement promises to speed up your work by seamlessly reusing existing design data from other projects, making project copying and model transfers more efficient than ever.

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Let’s explore these new features of PowerPack for Plant 3D 2025 and their benefits for plant designers and engineers.

.NET 8 Migration for Plant 3D 2025

Experience better performance, enhanced security, and seamless cross-platform capabilities while ensuring compatibility with Autodesk Plant 3D 2025.

Export to DWG Enhancements

Streamline how you share your models with non-Plant 3D users.

Sheet Numbering Enhancements

Have more control over your drawing number sequencing with this enhanced line manager functionality.

Export Pipe Support Auto Naming

Keep track of your Pipe Support exports with intelligent auto naming.

Copy Project Drawings Improvements

Streamline your workflow with the enhanced “Copy Drawing Browser” feature that accelerates drawing transfers by automatically uploading and copying all DWG files from selected project folders.

Line Manager Color Overrides

Discover instantly when Line Manager Color overrides are active, enhancing your project visibility and control.

Options for PowerPack Configuration

Disable the PowerPack Settings feature for specific projects and avoid unwanted prompts, ensuring a smoother workflow tailored to your needs.

Tag Wizard

Transform your AutoCAD Plant 3D projects seamlessly with the Tag Wizard, a powerful tool that swiftly re-tags items across a project using groupings and filters (Note that this feature is not available yet, but only as a teaser preview, and it will be available in the release 2025.1 of the PowerPack for Plant 3D).

What’s new in PowerPack for Plant 3D 2025 | Graitec - UK

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